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5 Reasons to Support Small Business

So the other day I’m at Harkins Theaters – I love Harkins, why you ask? You buy a T-shirt for $20 1/2 goes to Harkins the other 1/2 goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters – you wear it to the movies and you get a free popcorn. They also have a special cup that you pay $4.25 and its a Dollar $ for refills throughout the year.

But anyway to my point – there was a statistic on the screen that said for every $100 you spend with a small business $43 stays within Arizona if you buy from a large out of state company only $13 dollars stay here. So I was reading the Gilbert Rising Magazine (Free) pick one up and they stated for every $100 spent in locally owned stores, $68 returns to your community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. If you spend that with a National Chain only $43 stays local.

Local owners live in your neighborhoods.

You can build a relationship with local businesses.

Local businesses sell goods and services based on regional and local needs.

Local businesses like ProBest offer niche products or services – like our Contract United States Post Office and Do It Yourself Pest Supplies and Pest Control services.

Our Services Include:

Termite, Termite Inspections, General Pest including bees and honeycomb removal, bedbugs, eco-friendly, gophers, minor handyman services, minor landscaping, pigeons, home sealing and exclusion, rodents, scorpions, weeds and wildlife. 



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