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As the cooler weather finally comes to Arizona – now is the time to plan to save money


Ok I can wish can’t I….

It was 110 degrees in Phoenix this summer. Washington, NYC and Baltimore were having record heat above 100 degrees and Seattle was in a heat advisory. Summer temperatures are hitting everywhere and your customers are feeling the HEAT.  Reach out to your customers and help them stay cool with a Solar Powered Attic Fan.

If its 100°F outside, your attic can get up to 160°F inside – That heat can radiate back down into your living space!

  • Increasing the interior temperature
  • Making your A/C run longer and harder to cool the house 
  • Puts huge demands on electricity, leading to potential black-outs

Hot outside but cooler inside — The Benefits of the Solar Powered Attic Fan            

  • Ventilates the hot air out of the attic using solar power
  • Reduces the attic temperature
  • Reduces the A/C run time
  • Reduces electricity usage

Cool your living environment and save electricity and money. I installed this device into my attic in July – this is amazing!

Congratulations! Your home used less energy than most of the similar homes in your area.


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