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Home Sealing by the “Pest Experts”

So you live in Arizona and you have scorpions (Public Health Pest are Poisonous), what do you do to keep them out! ProBest is also seeking the answers to this question and many more involving pest such as these. So lets address Bark Scorpions first:

  1. Bark Scorpions are excellent climbers, they will climb trees (trim them back from your home) and can enter your home through the slimmest of cracks.
  2. They prefer cool and moist areas, but often hang out in walls, brick and stucco and bark of trees.
  3. Can live up to 6+ years.
  4. Give birth to live young and the females will carry them on her back.

Tips for keeping scorpions and pests out of your home.

  1. Inspection – first and always, determine how they may be getting in.
  2. Seal them out – outside and then inside, check outside for boards that have gaps and inside any holes cut through the ceiling to put in air ducts, fans, wall sockets and lights.
  3. Check screens and repair.
  4. Door sweeps checked and repaired

         ProBest is installing Storm Shield garage door thresholds which are more durable than door mounted weather stripping and which provides a tight, long lasting barrier between the garage door bottom and the floor. The weight of the garage door presses down on it to keep out wind driven rain, leaves, rodents and insects.

Call ProBest today at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 to have yours installed ASAP…………….. We are also experimenting with a new product called Slick Shield and will let you know our results soon.



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