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Check the bathrooms first…

Almost 20 years ago I entered this field of work – Pest Control and something I learned right from the very start was that if the bathroom was a mess so was everything else. Have you ever walked into a bothroom and almost gagged? There are rules in place but you can take this tip to the bank – if you walk into that bathroom and it looks like World War III, walk out quickly and don’t look back. I’ll also bet you have seen bugs or in businesses, my recommendation is to inform management let them know of the proble. They can’t fix what they don’t know!

Now in all fairness I have also been in some clean bathrooms. They do exist, but I’m always amazed at those places where they just don’t get it. So my advice – if you check the bathroom and its gross or has bugs run very quickly to the door and don’t look back. Their kitchen probably isn’t much better and I’ve seen a lot of nasty. Trust me on this one. Also KPHO does a Dirty Dining feature on Thursday’s – ( One last comment – QT gas stations – one of cleanest restrooms in town.



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