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Power Spraying, inside services or Focus on Outside for PESTS?

Twenty years ago versus today in Pest Control:

  1. The stronger the smell the more people thought we had done a great job, odor was everything. I remember getting ready to leave a house and the customer said I don’t believe you did anything I don’t smell the chemical. That was at the beginning of odorless pesticides and you just wouldn’t believe the number of people that really thought I was using just water. Now people get upset if they can smell the product.
  2. Pesticides have changed a lot in 20 years, the Pest Industry now has an aerosol of many products to choose from depending on the bug and the issues. We now have a Termiticide called Atriset which is a reduced risk requiring no signal word such as Danger, Caution or Warning on the label.
  3. Power Spraying is still with us but I really don’t think for long. The GREEN movement is influencing this change and I happen to agree with it, localized treatment on the outside of the home can really deal with the bugs without all that chemical.
  4. I have long advocated outside services – 20 years ago you could walk into a home and notice the wettable powder buildup along the inner wall baseboards. The handheld sprayer is a pump up air system which allows pesticides to become airborne – and that equals breathing it in. I can do more with limited dust, baits or gels depending on the insect or issue. Outside services generally can take care of the problems with bugs, along with IPM or Integrated Pest Management (see a recent ProBest blog on IPM). Sealing the bugs out is still the best way to stop them from getting in (home sealing).
  5. My friend Jerry at recently posted a rant eh I mean article on “Pesticides in the Home – 20 years after Treatment” and again I will say Pesticides have a place in our society when used correctly.The reason we live longer and better I might add is because of the inventions of the past like penicillin, screens and pesticides. and I could go on a very long time on all the benefits.
  6. I remember 50 years ago following a mosquito truck spraying probably DDT

So my point is we are better off today than 20 years ago and obviously better off than 100 years ago – just think before you spray that spider with an entire can of pesticide…



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