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What is GREEN Pest Control?

Technology is changing the way we all do business these days and pest control or pest management is no different. Generally speaking most Green chemicals designed to work out in the environment really don’t last that long and that has been the battle over the years. Most people want a bug service to last for some period of time usually 30 days or better. Some of this new technology is changing the way these chemicals work especially with micro-encapsulated products. The best way to explain this is to imagine an active particle surrounded by a bubble, it last longer with the environment – water, sunlight even critters can break down chemicals.

So why is a GREEN service more expensive – new technology cost and we offer callbacks on ongoing treatment plans. What do we do on any Green service call?

  • Call and remind you of your upcoming service.
  • Discuss and consult with you before we do our service.
  • We perform an inspection and identify any issues.
  • We remove or consult on any conducive conditions.
  • We may recommend exclusion techniques to keep pest out.
  • We will use low-impact products. We can provide you Labels and MSDS.
  • We will continue to monitor any activity and make notations to you on the service slip.

Our  service may include these products: Mother Earth Granular Scatter Bait, Diatomaceous Earth, MicroCare, CedarCide, Topia, NyGuard, Niban, Avert and Boric Acid.



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