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Choosing the Best Bait for Mouse Traps in Your Home – Guest Blog

There’s no debating the fact that mice are destructive nuisances. Even one mouse inside your home can carry a number of diseases such as typhus, Lyme disease and salmonella. And unfortunately if you’ve spotted one mouse, it’s likely others are close by. One mouse can indicate as many as 10 of its kin have also taken up residence in your home, increasing the chances of you or your family becoming sick.


So what are you doing about your mouse problem? You may have considered using toxic chemicals to poison the pests, or perhaps even calling an exterminator. The thought of using poison around your children or pets may not appeal to you though, and exterminators are expensive.


Another option is to use homemade remedies, such as mixtures of onions or Tabasco sauce. Unfortunately, these concoctions take time and effort to prepare, and the bottom line is they don’t always work.


A more reliable way to capture and kill rodents is to use a mouse trap, whether the snapping or electronic variety. The key to a mouse trap’s effectiveness is using the best possible bait to lure them in. But what is the best bait for a mouse trap in your home?


You Probably Have the Best Bait for a Mouse Trap in Your Home

You may be surprised to learn that you have one of the best baits for a mouse trap in your home already. There are a number of everyday household products that will attract mice into a trap:


  • Bacon Bits – That jar of bacon bits you use for cooking can also be used to lure mice. Mice love the aroma and taste of bacon, so simply sprinkle the bits in your trap.


  • Peanut Butter – As with bacon bits, the aroma of peanut butter is another mouse favorite. It has the added benefit of making the mouse work for its dinner, since it takes time to lick it off the trap.


  • Sweets – Appeal to a mouse’s sweet tooth by placing items like chocolate or gum drops in your mouse trap.


  • Hot dogs – Thinly sliced hot dog pieces are another effective bait item for mice.


  • Scented nesting material – Mice are always on the lookout for new nesting material, and they’re attracted to the scent of peppermint and spearmint oils. By soaking cotton balls in these oils and placing them in your mouse trap, they’ll be lured in by the aroma, as well as the opportunity to pick up some valued bedding.

Putting the Best Bait for Mouse Traps into Action

Just like people, different mice may be attracted by different things. It may take some trial and error before finding the best bait for a mousetrap in your home. The key to catching and killing mice is to combine the right bait with an effective mouse trap, like an electronic trap.


The beauty of an electronic trap lies in its simplicity. You simply place your best bait for mouse traps inside the tunnel-shaped device that is powered by four C-size batteries. When the mouse heads for dinner, it enters the trap and is forced to walk across electronically charged plates to reach the bait. Death occurs after an electric shock, taking less than three seconds to happen. The kill is humane with no unpleasant mess to clean up.


When the trap is full, you simply remove the storage drawer from the device and dump the remains into the trash. An electronic mouse trap is safe to use around children and pets, since a built-in safety switch automatically activates whenever the door is opened.


By combining an electronic mouse trap with one of the best baits for mouse traps, you’re ridding your home of unwanted mice the safe, effective and humane way.

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4 Responses to “Choosing the Best Bait for Mouse Traps in Your Home – Guest Blog”

  • best rodent killer:

    Mouse traps are one of the most effective ways to capture mice and ultimately eradicate the mouse infestation that has invaded your home. Before professionals choose poisons and products with toxic chemicals, they will choose traps to honor the safety of your home. Not only are traps effective in mouse control, but mouse traps are economical in that they do not cost a lot of money to buyTo.

  • Mickey:

    Does the trap need to be cleaned once you catch a few? I caught 4 then nothing.

  • No I prefer to leave them in the condition they are in, sometimess the smell helps to offset the human smell. This is important and lends the device to smell more mousey (probably not a word) but I like it. Rodent and pest control is very important and keeps the diseases at bay.

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