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It’s the virus’s folks… thats gonna get us.

    It’s the virus’s folks… that’s gonna get us.

A long, long, long time ago Oldest viruses infected insects 300 million years ago – so you get the picture it was a long time ago and yet it’s still in the news. My opinion is this is what is going to get us eventually, some known or unknown virus that mutates into a lethal killing machine. The movie “Contagion” just hit the theaters last weekend and I haven’t had a chance yet to see the movie, so stay tuned to my movie review after I see it.

I was reading an article today submitted to a California Entomologist today that mentioned that this Bed Bug deal is being perpetuated by the Pest Control Industry and I was completely dumbstruck. If you read the news, watch TV or read reports on the Internet it is apparent to me that we have an issue with Bed Bugs he also mentioned that Bed Bugs are not dangerous and the only people being affected by them are the ones making money – I find that remark callous and insensitive to the people that have encountered Bed Bugs. I believe this person to be incorrect in his assumptions and beliefs on this issue – my opinion.

In all fairness I have been a long time advocate of using GREEN products, ProBest is a Gold member of the (PESP) Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program. My concern is that most of these products don’t last long enough for certain situations, we have scorpions here in Arizona and GREEN products just don’t last long enough to maintain prevention techniques. Now don’t get me wrong there are products available today that do work to a degree and to a specific cause, there are also products that are being tested that may have the potential of lasting for longer periods and if those products become available I will investigate and use them. More information on virus’s can be found at this blog

I will also use this comment made at a seminar I attended in Louisiana:

“To me it’s all about balancing risk. I will gladly accept a tiny (and believe me, it’s tiny) risk from pesticides compared to the risk of these tropical diseases.” Dr. Jerome Goddard, Medical Entomologist University of Mississippi”.



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