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Verifi by FMC – Detects Bed Bugs


The FMC Verifi™ bed bug detector has been designed to exploit bed bug biology and behavior in order to attract and capture bed bugs, even those that are not currently seeking a meal.

An Inside Look

A. The replaceable Verifi™ CO2 booster pack mimics a living, breathing host for about  24  hours using an exclusive chemical reaction to generate carbon dioxide. This reaction starts upon activation and requires no batteries or other power source, allowing for discreet placement and operation.

B. The replaceable Verifi™ lure features two additional attractants: a liquid kairomone that attracts bed bugs seeking a meal and a pheromone that encourages bed bugs to gather together in the harborage area of the device(D). These attractants are continuously emitted for up to 90 days.

C. Bed bugs fall into the pitfall and are unable to climb out, ensuring the pests can’t escape detection. Tiny holes at the bottom of the pitfall allow attractants to be emitted but prevent any small bed bug nymphs from slipping into the device.

D.  A harborage area on the back of the detector encourages bed bugs to gather where cast skins, eggs and other visual evidence can be observed, signifying an infestation.

E. A self-adhesive sticker allows the detector to be installed without tools.



Assembling, installing and servicing the Verifi™ bed bug detector is remarkably simple, and can be quickly performed by a single pest management professional. Bed bugs are small enough to travel from room to room through wall voids, cracks and crevices, so FMC recommends that your pest professional install four devices in rooms with a suspected infestation, and four in adjacent rooms.
And because the Verifi bed bug detector continues to detect bed bugs for up to 90 days at a time without disturbing the occupants of the room, it works on multiple levels to bring you lasting peace of mind. 
  • Helps your pest professional establish that an infestation is present and gauge the level of infestation
  • Confirms that your pest professional’s treatment has been successful, as indicated by an absence of bed bug activity in and around the device
  • Provides ongoing assurance that the bed bug population has not bounced back, or that a new infestation has not been established

Photo’s Courtesy of FMC

 This is the unit I have been waiting for, ongoing monitoring for Bed Bugs. Other units so far are usually glue boards and Bed Bugs are avoiding the glue strips so this unit has great potential and continues to work for up to 90 days. Call ProBest Pest Management 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 for details, expected timeline on this product is January 2012.




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