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A new breed of bee, maybe?

A new breed of bee, maybe?

So by now everyone should have seen numerous articles about the Honeybees, they haven’t had a good couple years lately. They have endured Colony Collapse, the possibility of death from cell phones or the towers or even the risk of pesticides. Now with all that said I think they will adapt and survive, as we all do – well maybe not the dinosaurs. Hard to come back from a giant meteor I guess.

So its great to hear that we have a newly discovered bee in New York and even better is that it doesn’t sting.  “Urban Buzz: A New Bee That Sips Sweat” by ROBERT LEE HOTZ

Apr. 28, 2012: A new non-stinging beeis buzzing in New York City. The tiny insect, the size of a sesame seed, sips the sweet nectar of the city — sweat. (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)



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