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Attention all Pest Control folks!

A lot of folks follow my blog (I write mine to my customers), FaceBook and Twitter and from time to time I like to use amazing pictures often shown on your FaceBook pages and I have asked for permission to repost them, I thought maybe it was time to do some collecting and give each credit so I propose the following:

Continue taking great pictures – label the pictures  – example ProbestPestManagement06052012.jpg and also give a description, we can also then link the photo to your blog, website etc.

This way when or if someone uses your picture we can give you credit, also you can include a small company logo


Or maybe you have a better idea or better mousetrap, I’m open for ideas. If we collect a lot we could make cd’s and share with everybody that chips in. I love the strange pics we see from time to time on FaceBook, so what better way to share.




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