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Bed Bug job – Day 2, part 1 – The Treatment.

Bed Bug job – Day 2, Invader Pest Management & ProBest Pest Management


We stayed in contact working with the customer to help de-clutter the home, not always possible after you have collected this stuff for years. We helped the customer by giving them some Nu-van strips to put into the bags that eventually went outside to sit in the sun. The nice thing about Arizona – it’s HOT and just for the record it’s also monsoon season so it’s really muggy and humid. So the day to treat has arrived and are first goal is to do a walk through, make sure all the aerosol containers have been removed and anything else that could warp or melt with the extreme heat. OK on to the heat, room by room to somewhere between 140° and 160° degrees for a sufficient amount of time to exterminate the Bed Bugs.




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