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Do those Sonic Bug repellers work?

Do those Sonic Bug repellers work? Alan Henry wrote an article “Stop Wasting Money on Sonic Bug Repellants: They don’t work.” with some personal experience backing up the claim that indeed they do not work. He quoted sources along with hard data and research. I have seen a few of these devices myself and I’ve seen them mottled with roach feces and live & dead bodies.



One Response to “Do those Sonic Bug repellers work?”

  • I remember when the “Sonic” craze started. It sounded good but I would not believe it unless I tried it myself. I put several cockroaches in a sealed aquarium with one of those “New Fangled” sonic devices.

    The end result was an aquarium full of very happy and well fed cockroaches.

    Be Advised: No cockroaches were injured during the above mentioned experiment.

    (After the experiment is another story)

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