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So what’s on your mind?

So what’s on your mind?

So I was thinking the other day that we should discuss a few Arizona Department of Agriculture – Office of Pest Management terms:

“Pest” means a vertebrate or invertebrate insect, bird, mammal, organism, or a weed or plant pathogen that is in an undesirable location. I bet you really didn’t think a weed was a pest, did you? I’m sure we have called a few people we might know – “a pest”? I’m equally convinced that all politicians are pests, the necessary evil.

“Pesticide,” as defined in A.R.S. § 32-2301, includes an insecticide, fungicide, rodenticide, termiticide, fumigant, larvacide, adulticide, herbicide, avicide, or molluscicide.

So just a few terms to get you thinking what pest control or pest management is all about.



2 Responses to “So what’s on your mind?”

  • Bryan:

    Is there anything on the market with an MSDS label for dealing with politicians? They keep invading my home especially via the mailbox and during my favorite tv shows.

  • I wish there was, but the only thing I know of is – voting.

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