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Food Industry & Pest Control in 21st Century

Food Industry & Pest Control in 21st Century


We have come a long way, Thank God. I’m reminded every time I watch a show that takes place in a day and time that I’m sure glad I don’t live in. Today we live by rules and all these rules are generally there to protect us. “Landmark Food Safety bill passed

We deal with some facilities that require extra special care, some abide with American Institute of Baking (AIB) rules.

Managing Risk and Strengthening Reputations

We are committed to protecting the safety of the global food supply chain and delivering high value educational and technical programs.

AIB provides Food Safety Inspections, Audits, and Certifications, Food Safety Education, and Research & Technical Services. Our renowned School of Baking offers the best educational experience in the baking industry to students from North America and around the world.

The commitment of AIB International’s staff to provide quality service for every client has secured leadership positions and a reputation for effectiveness and integrity.



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