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Bringing in the BIG guns!

   Bringing in the BIG guns!


Termiticides are ever changing and we have come a long way over the years, from the days of Chlordane to non-repellents. So what happens when nothing seems to work? The new termiticides are terrific and really can work on situations that the repellents of years ago just wouldn’t solve the problems. So what do we do these days, what tools can we bring to the infestation?

  1. Knowledge of the Termite and the structures
  2. Termidor or Transport both unique in their method of stopping infestations
  3. Termidor Dry
  4. Baits (FirstLine)
  5. Foam (Termidor Foam)

Nothing is a silver bullet but these products make it easier to solve those issues with the little critters who are trying to eat your home.



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