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Given the GreenLight!

Given the GreenLight!


Way back in 2005 the Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) indicated this statistic:

72% of Homeowners surveyed agree that their pest control company providers help me protect my health”.

Do you agree, what if you found flies in your home or cockroaches or more importantly what if you suddenly found Bed Bugs? I’ll bet you would agree quite quickly and that is why I’m sure that that figure above is right on up there.

85% of the people that purchase pest control are women, parents (either Mom or Dad) these days generally have the role of Protector’s of the Home. While some may do their own pest control,  more and more are choosing to call a  Pest Management Professional especially when they encounter something as nasty as Bed Bugs. When seeking a Pest Management Professional you can check out the National Pest Management website at and receive information on a QualityPro member.

Give us the GreenLight to manage those pests at your home or business.



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