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Those termites just won’t give up, will they?



One thing I have noticed over my years is that those termites just keep on going, much like that Energizer Bunny. They are searching       24/7/365 and won’t stop until they find food, they may turn and go another way but they keep on going.


In nature they just set off in search of food, they follow roots and sometimes get to concrete and turn left or right and follow it again until they find wood or food.


So if you see trails like this, or mud tubes or down tubes hanging from a ceiling it is time to call your Pest Management Professional.


Call ProBest Pest Management at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 for your termite or pest inspection.

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Man lights house on fire to kill spider


Sometimes you just have to wonder, OK I know some people (Nancy) don’t really care for spiders of any kind. “Firefighters: Man tries to kill spider, sets house on fire instead.”

Again I think the reporter missed the point on this one, did he get the spider? I think that is the important point here, what say you?

34_Wolf Spider

Can Subterranean termites damage paintings and other wall art?











Remember last week on the 18th July Arizona termites – sneaky and they will get in

Once termites find their way in they will continue to seek out cellulose and if they find it in a painting they will attack and eat. So if you notice anything unusual on a wall or painting please check it out. Sometimes those hidden areas can surprise you.

Insects make nests in unusual places.









Sorry for the blurriness of the picture put it is a fire alarm sprinkler head and a Mud Dauber wasp has decided to create a nest in the head itself. We decided to alert maintenance because I didn’t want the alarm triggering.


What is the weirdest place you have seen a nests?

Again with the spiders…


It is bad enough that I really hate spiders but “Scientists find a fish-eating spiders around the world“. (Thanks to Todd for sharing the article). Its actually somewhat cool when you think about it, some spiders make diving bells with air and many live on the water surface just waiting to catch small prey. So why not eat what you can catch?

The bug world is a complex little mini version of ours and inhabited by some unique OK maybe strange critters. I’m sure you have seen pictures of the scary ones but did you ever notice the colorful and intense characteristics of a few of them. How about the art involved in making a web? So don’t just panic the next time you spot one outside ponder for a minute the beauty and don’t stomp it to death – they eat other bugs.  Another critter out for my business….


Orb Weaver spider by PPMA

Orb Weaver spider by PPMA

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