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Pollinator Health Updates

Pollinator Health – Bee Aware Be Safe.


Did you know that there are more pollinators than just honeybees? Check out this website to find out what they are. There are a number of factors that are affecting honeybees these days and the USDA, EPA and the National Pest Management Association and others are working towards a plan to continue to save the bees.



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What do you look at while hiking?

2014-11-01 13.29.16



2014-11-01 13.29.45




Some of the coolest and most intriguing stuff out in nature is awfully small and I noticed this small little spider while hiking in New Mexico. I don’t kill everything I see when it comes to bugs, only if they get into your home do I take it personally.

My point is this, while in nature or the great outdoors everything has its place. So take a moment and get into nature and call us 480-831-9328 if you find the creepy crawlies in your home.

Bring on the rain, what can AZ expect in rain this monsoon?

El Nino expected to bring heavy rain to Aizona and California

Maybe some of this expected rainfall could help the drought in California and Arizona, I actually like the rain because it brings out the bugs. Go figure, right?

Anyway, bring on the rain…ProBestPestManagement100_0097


Lyme Disease – the debate


Great article on debate whether Lyme Disease is a chronic disease. Study may suggest some correlation to Global Warming – OK I said it. Lyme Disease also imitates other nefarious like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and mulitple sclerosis.

What about those High School Senior’s and their pranks?

72,000 Ladybugs released in High School as Senior Prank


OK I was intrigued when I read this and of course since it was bug related had to pass it along. I was interested in how it started and because I don’t remember doing one when I graduated some 40 years ago. Gosh I’m old!

So as I was researching, here are a few I thought different (I’m not advocating any of this, don’t break into building or destroy property):


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