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Beware the venomous spiders, DANGER!

Photo by PPMA

Photo by PPMA

I’m not a big fan of spiders, so when I’m doing work around the outside of my house I always wears gloves. I suggest anytime you do work around the yard, attic, outside or in the garage wear gloves. It’s been a long time that a death has occurred in Arizona but you really don’t need the aggravation or pain of a bite. What do you look for with Black Widow Spiders?

  1. Irregular webbing, sticky.
  2. A spider hanging upside down.
  3. A Black spider with a red hour mark on its belly, or we have the Brown Widow and it has spots sometimes.
  4. They like dark and quiet areas.
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I can relate, I left something in a freezer once.

OK we all have quirks that make us unique or so I’m told. If we all the same, the world would be a boring place. This news article brought up one of my past foibles to light.  “Women called cops over stick insects gift

I was recently on a trip and encountered two dead insects – a Jerusalem Cricket and an Assassin Wheel Bug. I recovered both and put them in a medicine vial and placed them into the freezer, expecting to take them home. Yep, you guessed right, I forgot and guess who found them.

Surprise, thank goodness she knows me well enough not to go screaming from the place. A good laugh, I hope so I really like the cabin and would like to return for another visit. Thanks Michelle….

Guess what insect might be the longest?

Second largest insect ever discovered at two feet long

Well you’d be right if you guessed the “Walking Stick”, those things just hang on branches and wait motionless for long periods of time. They found this thing in Vietnam and I think are amazing in design.

Check the story out.

Is there any evidence that bee stings help arthritis?

9 strange arthritis home remedies

46_Honey Bee

Photo by Professional Pest Management Alliance

Some people swear by it but it appears there may not be enough data to prove that it works.

One of my favorite shows – Shark Tank

So the other day I was watching “Shark Tank” and was really intrigued with a young eco-entrepreneur Henry J. Miller (his words). Check out his Honey with spices Webpage and FaceBook page or his Twitter page.

I understand the role of honeybees and I understand the risk they pose to the general public especially in the South. We sell honey in our little store and I think this idea from Henry is great – so please visit his site and if you can why don’t you give his honey a try.

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