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Earwigs and the real facts:


I remember as a kid watching the Twilight Zone and being freaked out by the Episode 60 where the earwing gets inside somebodies ear. (Not sure this link will work for everybody – Hulu) – I was scared to death with this story. Then came star Trek with that giant weird looking earwig thing being put into Chekov’s ear.

  • Earwig received its name due to the myth the earwig would crawl into your ear if you slept on the ground.
  • Those weird looking things on their tail are used as weapons, against smaller insects.They are practically harmless to humans.
  • Noctural, hunting at night.
  • Eat both live and dead plant material and insects.
  • There is no real evidence that they transmit disease or harm humans or animals, despite their nickname pincher bug.
  • Earwigs also have two penises! Both are larger than it’s body and if it needs the second one just in case one of them snaps off!


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DIY yourself and the many GREEN products, do they work?

DIY or Do It Yourself products and your ability to attack the unknown enemy – bugs. The article “Essential Oils fail at killing BedBugs” puts the light on those “natural products.


I have said it numerous times, those “GREEN” products might work at the moment they are sprayed but generally they don’t have a residual which is essential to the long-term effect of something like BedBugs. If you can see the bug it may work fine if you spray them directly but there is NO long term effect.


12_Bed Bug Nymphs

Bedbug nymphs by PPMA




New hotel design inspired by bugs

National Geographic photographer Ingo Arndt‘s new book Animal Architecture shows how animals and insects from around the world build intricate structures from nature’s raw materials.

I love when people are inspired by insects or animals in general and this book takes a look at that angle. I think that termite mounds are a perfect example of this, it allows air flow including heat and built in air conditioning. I’m going to purchase the book and see what else is building their way into the future.

58_Elm Sawfly

Elm Sawfly photo by PPMA

Often confused with termites, mud dauber wasp




Every once in a while we get a call from someone thinking they have termites. The picture is a mud dauber wasp, the female constructs this nest out of dirt. Shen then paralyzes a few spiders and deposits an egg within – providing lunch for her offspring.  Mud daubers don’t generally sting or defend their nest but that isn’t a reason to harass them because they can sting if provoked.


Just wait for the baby wasp to hatch out or use a shovel to dislodge the mud nest.

Spiders and fear, what is it all about?


You know that I’m not a big fan of spiders, maybe the reason I got into the pest control or bug business. Some researchers in the UK explained why we might be hard wired to fear them. “Why do spiders scare us so much?  Just for the record he states in his article that “a few spiders in the UK are poisonous” while in fact he should have said venomous.


The real point is how the toxin is delivered. Venom must be delivered through a bite, sting or puncture while a poison could be the entire body or parts of the body.


So don’t just pick up a bug if you don’t know what it is. Several bugs look nice but may contain some sneaky parts or secretions that might you sick.

50_Paper Wasp





So lets have a little test here – Paper wasp – Poisonous or Venomous?

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