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What can you eat to repel the bugs, here’s some info for you.

11 Things you can eat to repel bugs” I got a kick out of reading this article, some of those things repel me or at least a few people. I figured out a few before reading the article, such things as garlic, onions and peppers. Interesting enough I have tried Vegemite and wasn’t a big fan, but hey I didn’t grow up eating this stuff. A lot of this stuff on the list is really great for you, boosting your immune system etc.

Photo by PPMA

Photo by PPMA

Is there more than one way to combat bugs?

Of course there is. You all know my feelings on IPM or Integrated Pest Management, always my first choice on treating a home for bugs that try to get in. This article “Genetically engineered mosquitoes reduce dengue transmitters by 95 percent“, doesn’t this make great sense?

Mosquitoes the number killer of man and fleas ranking a close second.

FullSizeRender IMG_3851

Pollinator Health Updates

Pollinator Health – Bee Aware Be Safe.


Did you know that there are more pollinators than just honeybees? Check out this website to find out what they are. There are a number of factors that are affecting honeybees these days and the USDA, EPA and the National Pest Management Association and others are working towards a plan to continue to save the bees.



Bring on the rain, what can AZ expect in rain this monsoon?

El Nino expected to bring heavy rain to Aizona and California

Maybe some of this expected rainfall could help the drought in California and Arizona, I actually like the rain because it brings out the bugs. Go figure, right?

Anyway, bring on the rain…ProBestPestManagement100_0097


Why do honeybees make our homes, theirs?

DSC07157 Honeybees will take every opportunity to make any place a home.  These bees decided on this chimney fireplace. Seldom if ever used, they found a crack and decided it was big enough to start a colony.

This was actually a bigger issue than usual, this entry point led into an open ceiling area. If this had not be noticed and months or even years had gone by, the buildup of honey and wax could lead to significant melting later.

Always important to conduct monthly checks of your home or business and don’t forget to look up.

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