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Fundraising (A little help from ProBest Pest Management)

20150114_132257_resizedSons of the American Legion Squadron 107 is selling these wristbands to support our Post, Child Welfare and other worthwhile causes.

$5 each

Stop by

ProBest Pest Management / US Contract Post office

425 W. Guadalupe Road #110, Gilbert 85233

( I can send some if you want, just be sure you tell me how many and maybe we can work on shipping costs)

Stinger at

ProBest's Blog - Pest Control
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Why does Canada have some tougher rules on pesticides?

Over the years I have noticed that Canada is tougher on pesticides than we are in the States and was just curious why that was?                      “Citronella safety debate

Back in 2004, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency completed a review of citronella-based insect lotions and sprays and said it was not convinced the products were safe.


I’m a fan of being on the safer side of things, but we must also weigh the risks that the bugs bring. It turns out that the people often are the lead in these laws. They fought to keep pesticides out of lawn and gardens applications and this ban (Canada) took effect in 2009. I also found this article “Organic pesticides can be worse than synthetic: study

OK my point is this, I believe pesticide in moderation or IPM - use the tools available, then if you must, then use pesticide.


Don’t move firewood, watch boat bottoms for unwanted pests

I have seen it a few times, people bring in firewood and all of a sudden we have PowderPost Beetles or something else coming out of the wood. I have also seen the Arizona Fish and Game send out flyers and web information on the spread of quagga mussels on the bottom of boats. Here are two stories or updates on these issues.

Park changes firewood regulation to protect forests

Invasive mussels now confirmed at Lake Havasu as well as Lake Mead


It is really important to recognize that animals, wildlife and pests can travel. Just like Fire Ants in potted plants or termites in lumber or other materials. So always stay vigilant and be on guard against invasive species.


Photo from AZGFD site


OK I have a great idea, what do you think?

Woman called cops over stick insects gift

OK I’ve come up with a great service, let’s say your kids get a weird bug/insect gift for Christmas or their Birthday and you don’t want it.

Send it to ProBest Pest Management

425 W. Guadalupe Road #110

Gilbert, Arizona 85233


Pro Best Logo

Oh and by the way don’t call 911 – they might take you to jail, it’s for emergencies only…

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?

Maybe one you can add this year would be to make your home pest free.

  1. Home-seal your home.
  2. Clean up the weeds and stuff around the home.
  3. Check your attic before returning all that Christmas stuff.
  4. Hire a professional pest management company.Picture8
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