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Archive for the ‘rodents’ Category

A new species of rodent discovered


New rodent species discovered in Indonesia” and the scary part is that it is carnivorous water rat. I’m often astounded that we are still finding new species across the world and this just goes to show how small our world is.

On the bottoms of its toes are small, fleshy pads that may help it hold onto the streambed when hunting underwater.

So as your hiking or rock climbing and your run across something different, it might be unique and technically something yet to be discovered. Maybe, maybe not?


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What is digging up my yard?








Do you have holes in your yard? Have you seen critters or other animals digging in your yard? Many things can cause damage to yards, from animals digging for their food to animals or insects trying to get away from something. You know who to call…

Why am I lazy, I’m blaming it on my genes?


I’m really not lazy but since everyone blames everything else on something else, I might as well think it to be hereditary. I do hate the gym but work is another matter, I love what I do. This study was of course done on rats “Study suggests laziness could be hereditary.

By studying a population of rats over ten generations, researchers came to the conclusion that there is such a thing as a genetic predisposition to laziness, at least among rodents.


Since this video somewhat shows a rodent doing pushups I decided I had to share it. No rodents were harmed during the making of this video and this is my favorite video.

Nolans Cheddard Cheese – Seriously Strong



What are all those holes in my yard?

probestpest20140417_093245 There are a number of things that can dig up those yards. Out here in the Wild West we can have all sorts of critters digging up the yards. Wild pigs or Javelina use their noses to dig up roots, pocket gophers dig burrows and eat roots under the ground and numerous insects dig holes to bury other insects or arachnids as food for their young. By the way ignoring these holes may lead to bushes and trees dying or by being severely damaged.

So if you are getting holes or something damaging your yard it may well be the time to call in a Pest Management Professional or Wildlife Professional.


Folk art – complaints

I’ve seen these before but never had one for the office.


Go ahead Push for Complaint! Go ahead I dare ya… Thanks to Janet H. for the device.

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