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Termidor HE – the choice of Pest Professionals


I’ve noticed a trend lately, a few Pest/Termite companies are switching to bait systems. Not really sure why they would do this when Termidor /Termidor HE is by far the fastest way to stop termites in their tracks.

Most of my termite experience comes from Florida and I see the advantages of bait but the desert affects them differently. The extreme heat and the space between stations affords the termites the ability to gain access into structures. I still believe that bait plays a role in stopping termites and occasionally use it in my toolbox of techniques. Baits have come a long way since the early 2000’s and BASF now has an active compressed bait station  Trelona ATBS (Advance® Termite Bait System) with the active ingredient Novaluron.

New termite technology continues…. stay tuned.


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Down tubes and termites











Desert termites – yep these little gals are a bit on the weird side. They look for food  24/7/365 and they build tubes up and down. Instead of having to go back the same route, they go down possibly to save time on getting back to the ground and their source of water or moisture.

Termites are not generally a Do It Yourself pest issue, so call a Pest Management Professional for the best plan to keep them out.

Grass eating termites

termites222     Termites eat dead wood and often they can find it on live trees. They can eat the bark or sometimes a tree limb will die and they can eat that.


Here is Arizona they consume dead grass, dead cactus and anything that contains cellulose.


Don’t panic, they are just doing what they are supposed to do – consume dead wood.


I often recommend just keeping any eye out for the termites, it isn’t always necessary to treat especially since they are just eating the dead wood.

A word of caution – Don’t stack wood against your foundation.

I know you want to party but these are not the guests you want at your party. Termites will seek every opportunity to gain access into your home or business. Why then would you give them an invitation in?

A few tips:

  1. Don’t stack firewood against the structure, pallets or wood of any kind.
  2. If you must the put on blocks but don’t let it touch the house.
  3. Firewood may attract more than termites, like carpenter bees and ants.
  4. Cover the wood if possible, let it have a chance to dry.
  5. When needing the firewood, bring in only what you need and if you don’t use it take it out. PowerPost beetles and other insects love to overwinter in the logs and if it get warm they think its Spring.

1st picture mud tube on foundation slab, 2nd picture the corner of pallet as it came into contact with foundation slab, 3rd entire pallet has termites.

probest20141027_113728_resized_1    probest20141027_113719_resized_1probestpest20141027_113656_resized

It’s wet and the termites are loving it

probestpestmanagementDSC05947   Grass eating termites love old decaying wood or cellulose. This can be cactus or just plain grass .


Normally speaking these seldom make their way into structures but keep an eye out for mud tubes on your foundations wall on inside on the drywall.

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