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Poem by Mary Contreras – Ode to Keith V. Birkemeyer

Poem by Mary Contreras “Ode to Keith Birkemeyer”


My community instilled many values throughout my upbringing,

For I was raised in a land of giants

Where people you were proud to know everywhere.

I have traveled far from those days

Yet I’m here to say

Today, I have found one of those giants – a man of magnitude.

He is kind, caring and unassuming,

He does the unusual… Puts you first

His curiosity about the world large and small is a wonder.

Bugs you say! What could capture my interest

Well Keith has found a way to protect you and me,

From what frightens us most… those pesky little pests.

ProBest Pest Management has Keith at the helm

You will be protected by the passionate care of this man and his team

Let Keith show you business as unusual – where you come first!

Signed your best fan  I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary for many years and she is an inspiration to me and many others. You can contact Mary at Contreras State Farm Agency 480-775-7788 for all your insurance needs. Thanks Mary for the great poem.

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