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ProBest Blog receives the FrugalDad award on Top Pest Blogs

ProBest Blog receives the FrugalDad award on Top Pest Blogs


We all, no matter if we live in an apartment or house, rented or owned, have to deal with pests. If you haven’t yet, I can assure you, your time will come. For those of you who have gone through any kind of pest situation know how frustrating and often times expensive it can be. That’s why we’ve gone through and listed in one convenient place Frugal Dad’s Top Pest Control Blogs. Frugal Dad

Thanks to Frugal Dad for the award and to the other Pest Control bloggers who spread the word about the bugs that pester us daily!

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Some people just don’t get it!

Some people just don’t get it!

A friend of mine Richard Martyniak located this honeybee nest (5 mos. old Africanized Honey Bee External Nest, Melbourne Fla). Quote “Many folks just don’t understand why we refuse to perform live removals of honey bee nests like in last pic. We don’t want Killer B’s!” His site and blog.

All Florida Bee Removal

This is a catasophe just waiting to happen, somebody would forget and walk out the door or a neighbor might start a lawnmower. It doesn’t take much to get an exposed hive all peeved and then it is to late. Neighbors, children and pets all get stung because someone doesn’t think.

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