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What can you do when you find a bug at a restaurant? part 2

What can you do when you find a bug at a restaurant? part 2


As I stated yesterday I think it is imperative that you discuss with staff and or management if you locate a bug while dining. Finding a bug isn’t the end of the world, it could have flown in, or someone could have brought it in so don’t panic. Here in Arizona – each and every week KPHO CBS 5 News is sent a list of restaurants that have been recently inspected by Maricopa County’s Environmental Services Department. here is the link and they do an excellent job of tracking the restaurants that fail to abide by the rules.

Here is the link to Maricopa County Maricopa County’s Environmental Services Department.


Now with all that said there are a lot of restaurants that do an excellent job at cleaning and they are listed

Dean’s List – Those with perfect scores

Thanks to the inspectors and KPHO for providing this great information.

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Food Industry & Pest Control in 21st Century

Food Industry & Pest Control in 21st Century


We have come a long way, Thank God. I’m reminded every time I watch a show that takes place in a day and time that I’m sure glad I don’t live in. Today we live by rules and all these rules are generally there to protect us. “Landmark Food Safety bill passed

We deal with some facilities that require extra special care, some abide with American Institute of Baking (AIB) rules.

Managing Risk and Strengthening Reputations

We are committed to protecting the safety of the global food supply chain and delivering high value educational and technical programs.

AIB provides Food Safety Inspections, Audits, and Certifications, Food Safety Education, and Research & Technical Services. Our renowned School of Baking offers the best educational experience in the baking industry to students from North America and around the world.

The commitment of AIB International’s staff to provide quality service for every client has secured leadership positions and a reputation for effectiveness and integrity.

Love your Job?

Love your Job?

I absolutely love my job, now I guess I would rather not kill things but it must be done. Many folks might say it doesn’t have to be done but I argue as a Public Health Professional that it is imperative to control bugs and vermin. Malaria continues to kill 1 million people a year = mosquitoes and rodents either damage or contaminate food up to about 20% of food supplies throughout the world.

Case in point is this article (link here) – I think this story is an exception to the rule that all manufacturers allow filth and pests to run amock (I love that word). I have been in many manufacturing plants and 99.99% have always been clean and have safeguards in place to prevent contamination to food products. ProBest abides my the (AIB) American Institute of Baking rules as it pertains to warehousing and storage. Recently the (AIB) and the (NPMA ) National Pest Management Association teamed up to set consistent standards. ProBest Pest Management continues to complete testing to stay current with new standards and are certified QualityPro including Schools, GREENPRO and Food Protection.


Food safety bill shot down — for now

The Washington Post/Reuters  July 27, 2009

The House has rejected a bill that would reform food safety laws by giving the Food and Drug Administration more power over recalls and inspections. However, the bill has broad support, and Democratic leaders are expected to call another vote soon, this time under terms that would require a simple instead of two-thirds majority vote for approval.

Read the entire article here:

Employees at ProBest have taken numerous courses on Food Safety, Principles of Warehouse Sanitation, American Institute of Baking Food Safety Education and are currently working on QualityPro Food. Striving to be the BEST at Pest Management.

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