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  1. Skunks generally forage at night and are considered omnivores (they will eat anything) eat plants, berries, grass, bugs, worms, eggs, reptiles & rodents.
  2. Skunks don’t have the best eyesight but have excellent hearing.
  3. Ther prefer to live in burrows.
  4. Skunks actually sneeze to clear out their noses so they can better smell plant food or animal prey.
  5. If you get sprayed, only time will help to fade the smell, tomato juice and/or vingear will help to mask the smell – by the way scientists believe its the oil that makes it last.
  6. Stay back if you spot a skunk, it can shoot up to 10 feet and less accurate to 16 feet.
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Found A Live or Dead Animal In Your Yard or do you have a smell in your wall or attic?

Found A Live or Dead Animal In Your Yard or do you have a smell in your wall or attic?


We don’t do feral dogs and cats.  We are not set up as a animal/wildlife rescue service and all of our funding comes from customers like you. Sometime a wild animal gets trapped in an attic or dies within a wall. ProBest can imploy the Restorator to get rid of those smells.

Rent our Restorator

Heavy-duty electrical unit quickly eliminates odors. Compact Restorator is an ideal unit for deodorizing without the hazards of thermal fogging or ozone treatment. Unlike ozone and fogging treatments, the Restorator uses non-toxic essential oils and neutralizing compounds and can even be used in occupied structures. The Restorator is perfect for homes, vehicles, hotels, janitorial and businesses up to 20,000 cubic feet. Replaceable cartridges provide up to 270 hours of service. Durable steel case with convenient carrying handle, refill cartridges (sold separately). Call 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 for pricing
heavy duty air treatment technology


Texas Bats and the drought.

Texas Bats and the drought.

Some areas of the U.S. get tons of rains and others are in a drought. Not only are farmers having issues but the bats are too. They have to come out earlier and that puts them at risk for predators. This article “Texas’ famed bat colonies at risk due to drought” by Michael Graczyk Associate Press takes a detailed look into this problem which may affect more than the bats. They eat a lot of bugs and insects in their travels each night. Great video as well!


So when is a bat a rat?

So when is a bat a rat?

Everyone has probably seen the commercial about Mayhem from Allstate – I have to say I think they are extremely well made and funny. I especially enjoyed the raccoon in the attic and was somewhat confused when I read that they were denying a claim against a homeowner concerning bats in which they claim (rodent infestations) aren’t covered.  Bats are mammals as are rodents but clearly come from different orders. So the answer to the question is NEVER! It’s a interesting read (link here) by Chris Morran from The Consumerist.

But in all fairness this had happened before and had been remediated by the insurance company. Honestly someone should have made sure the bats couldn’t get back in and I’m not exactly sure who should have paid for this but its a lesson learned. An exclusion or home-seal should have been performed after the bats were evicted.

Pigeon work – it’s an ART

No matter how big or small the job is you have to be skillful, it requires patience and a huge ability to understand the enemy. Pigeons are generational (which basically means that when they are born on a roof they will continue forever to be attached to that roof) they will live on that roof, breed on that roof and they will have babies on that roof. So extra care must be taken to prevent them from living on that roof.

Here is a small job we did to get rid of the pigeon poo on the front steps. [slide]

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