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ProBest Pest Management is on the job!



Its a plane, its a bird no its the ProBest Pest Management technician ready to stop those pests at your home.

Problems with bees, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, earwigs, wasps, scorpions, stored product pests, termites, flies, spiders, crickets, springtails and wildlife.

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Buggy snacks – for real, no thanks well you should reconsider?


As Americans we often think of bugs and we scream or roll our eyes in disgust. I know people around the world have been eating bugs for years and our cave people probably had to eat them. A company in Denver, Colorado came up with an idea – to promote them in eye catching and funny packaging.

Will Americans buy bug snacks? Maybe… If they’re funny and cute.” As we approach 7 billion people around the world I think we need to really consider some new and novel ideas for food.


Check out these sites for some great ideas on insect funny food:,

“Free Food” After an initial bite, the review is in: “It tastes like coconut. Tastes like food, not like bugs.”


Photo by PPMA – Maybe a few ant eggs for dessert?

What can you do to Pest-proof and home-seal your home?



Here in Arizona one of the best methods for keeping out scorpions is a home seal. Use caulking and fill in any holes that are open.

What are my Top 5 Arizona bug calls for the summer?


Top 5 Bug Calls of the summer to ProBest Pest Management


  1. Scorpions (of course).
  2. Ants
  3. Cockroaches (mainly American – outside issues) due to heat and lack of water.
  4. Honeybees.
  5. Termites


Happy 4th of July!!!


So whether you are planning a picnic or just some time on your back porch to celebrate the “Day of Freedom” – we wish you a pleasant and Happy 4th of July.


02_Argentine Ants










July 4th  – the day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress. Happy 4th all and let us all remember Freedom is not Free is is paid by the loyalty and blood of our military and those that served. God Bless America….

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