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The art of marketing, how do you market and spread the word about a great local company?

Why do we need pesticides?

Why do we need pesticides?


I mentioned in previous blogs “CDC Issues Health Alert” and “The days of power spraying every house coming to an end” my real concern of using pesticides in homes and I continue to stand by my convictions regarding my statements. Now with that said I do believe there is a need for pesticides and sometimes you must use pesticides in homes. I find it funny that people want to use Green materials on cleaning their carpets but don’t really care if a Pest Company sprays inside the home. Back in 2010 Rueters published an article  “Pesticides tied to ADHD in children in USA study” by researcher Marc Weisskopf of the Harvard School of Public Health.

Technology changes and we need to adapt to stay ahead of the bugs that could hurt or even kill us. Of course you also don’t want the pesticide to kill you either. So by stopping the pests from outside, preventing them from getting into the home is the paramount endeavor. Thjis program is commonally called Integrated Pest Management or (IPM).


Homeowner’s Insurance – Covers termites doesn’t it?

Homeowner’s Insurance – Covers termites doesn’t it?


I get this question a lot and the answer is pretty straight forward – NO. To my knowledge I know of no homeowner policy which covers damage from termites and to my knowledge I know of NO policy which covers pest of any kind. I’m aware of only one policy which was created for Bed Bug issues from the stand point of hotels/motels.

Here are some favorite quotes on termites…

“Termites – it’s only a matter of time” or “Termites – not IF but when” or “There are only two kinds of homes, those with termites and those waiting to get get them”

My suggestions:

  • Have an inspection done yearly if you live in the South.
  • Walk around your home and check the foundation. Check the roof line for Bees.
  • Don’t allow stucco to go beneath stone or dirt, you always want an open foundation to see termites tubes.
  • Don’t plant trees to close to the home.
  • Don’t install sheds or buildings to close to the house.
  • Don’t allow sprinklers to hit the home or foundation.
  • When in doubt call a professional, often times an inspection is free 

What you don’t know – could KILL you!

What you don’t know – could KILL you!


I love blogs, you can get information in a manner that is easy to read and categorized to whatever genre you want or need. For example this blog tries to relate the stories that might influence you daily about bugs, obviously you don’t come to this blog to learn about food or restaurants. I glean the stories from the internet that I think could affect us in our day to days lives. Examples – this blog is for people like wildlife professionals, hunters, camper and hikers; I also enjoy reading this blog it gives me assistance in writing and topics; I also try to stop by each week because my friend Jerry Schappert writes about pest control. So why all the who ha, because within the last month several stories scared me to death almost?

Hantavirus outbreak at Yosemite National Park

Second case of bubonic plague in the West has been confirmed — in a girl in Colorado

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says 2012 has been the worst year for the West Nile virus since 2003.

Your Pest Control company is the front line to keeping those bugs that could harm you at bay – maybe we should have a “Pest Control Technician Day” or “Hug your Technician Day”.

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