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Why are mattress encasements so important?


There is an old saying and I’m not sure of the truth, but here it is ” A mattress doubles its weight due to dust mites and their debris in 10 years“. Now with that said, I do believe that a mattress not sealed accumulates debris like sweat, urine spills from babies or pets, shed skin and dust mites. Now doesn’t it just make  sense to cover the mattress.

So lets say you purchase the mattress for $800 and within the first 3 months that stuff above happens and you know it will. If you had an encasement that was able to eliminate all microscopic toxins, allergens, dust mites, bed bugs and was breathable, lockable and waterproof wouldn’t you want it for your comfort?


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Arizona – No frost, no ice and no snow = bigger, badder bugs!

Arizona – No frost, no ice and no snow = bigger, badder bugs!

I absolutely love living in the south, warmer temperatures and no shoveling snow or slipping on the ice. I did grow up in Ohio and was fortunate enough to have a Cub Cadet lawnmower snow plow to help me avoid work. Yes it’s hotter than hell here in Arizona during the summer months but gladly I will endure the HEAT versus the cold and snow. The best thing for a bug guy is that the bugs seldom die and this year we didn’t have any real cold and frigid weather to speak of.

So guess what, yep the bugs are going to be out if force this year. So what does that mean for the average homeowner? The crickets and feeder bugs, you know the kind of bugs that scorpions love to eat – are going to be huge… Bark Scorpions eat small insects, spiders and sometimes other scorpions depending on conditions. They feed at night and often hang out on retaining or block walls which hold the Arizona heat. The idea here is to identify, reduce the numbers and where they live, stop them from getting in and pesticides if needed.

In Wake of Foreclosures, Mosquitoes Pose Serious Issues…

“The abandonment of pools due to foreclosure is important as mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. When pools are not maintained and/or properly treated, the potential for a significant mosquito infestation rapidly rises. Considering that the standing water that collects naturally in empty flower pots or bird baths provides a terrific opportunity for mosquito breeding, an abandoned swimming pool offers an even greater chance for a major pest infestation that can affect the homes adjacent to the foreclosed property.”

“Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance pest but also, a major health threat,” said Greg Baumann, senior scientist for the NPMA. “While associated with causing itchy welts, these pests can also transmit West Nile virus (WNV). In fact, the Center for Disease Control reported that WNV resulted in more than 1,300 human cases and 44 fatalities across the U.S. in 2008. Awareness of conducive conditions for mosquito breeding, especially in and around foreclosed homes, is the key to preventing potential mosquito infestations and limiting WNV in 2009.”

  1. Eliminate breeding sites – stagnate water,easier than swatting once they hatch and start biting
  2. Screens in good repair
  3. Keep doors closed
  4. When watering plants don’t allow water to build up in the tray
  5. Discard old tires and items that hold water
  6. Report green pools to your respective cities “Fight the Bite”
  7. Dense foilage & vines encourage mosquitoes

Ok there are a few things you can purchase to help:

  1. Maricopa County sells fish that just love mosquitoes
  2. ProBest store sells mosquito traps $5.99 and repellent bug button that you pin to your clothes and is a non pesticide item $.99 and $1.49 wristbands
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