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National Real Estate Trends

National Real Estate Trends 


So as the World turns, these are the days of our lives….  So I’m sure everybody has heard those words from the TV show and I’m sure none of us thought this economy was  going to be so terrible. This report explains the foreclosure forecast and I think it helps to give us some hope that things are on the mend –  National Real Estate Trends report.

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In Wake of Foreclosures, Mosquitoes Pose Serious Issues…

“The abandonment of pools due to foreclosure is important as mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. When pools are not maintained and/or properly treated, the potential for a significant mosquito infestation rapidly rises. Considering that the standing water that collects naturally in empty flower pots or bird baths provides a terrific opportunity for mosquito breeding, an abandoned swimming pool offers an even greater chance for a major pest infestation that can affect the homes adjacent to the foreclosed property.”

“Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance pest but also, a major health threat,” said Greg Baumann, senior scientist for the NPMA. “While associated with causing itchy welts, these pests can also transmit West Nile virus (WNV). In fact, the Center for Disease Control reported that WNV resulted in more than 1,300 human cases and 44 fatalities across the U.S. in 2008. Awareness of conducive conditions for mosquito breeding, especially in and around foreclosed homes, is the key to preventing potential mosquito infestations and limiting WNV in 2009.”

  1. Eliminate breeding sites – stagnate water,easier than swatting once they hatch and start biting
  2. Screens in good repair
  3. Keep doors closed
  4. When watering plants don’t allow water to build up in the tray
  5. Discard old tires and items that hold water
  6. Report green pools to your respective cities “Fight the Bite”
  7. Dense foilage & vines encourage mosquitoes

Ok there are a few things you can purchase to help:

  1. Maricopa County sells fish that just love mosquitoes
  2. ProBest store sells mosquito traps $5.99 and repellent bug button that you pin to your clothes and is a non pesticide item $.99 and $1.49 wristbands

Pentagon Takes on War on Bugs….

 Janet McConnaughey, Associated Press – Discovery News (link here)

April 10, 2009 — Fluorescent rodent feces, a promising new mosquito repellant and a better flytrap are all part of a war on bugs designed to protect U.S. troops around the world.

I ran across this last night searching for interesting news, as if our military folks didn’t have enough to worry about.

I don’t consider myself just a bugman (it doesn’t offend me either if people call me that) I consider my job to be that of a Public Health Consultant. I remember a few years ago I attended a conference and Dr. Jerome Goddard Associate Professor of Medical & Veterinary Entomology at Mississippi State University spoke on issues he has seen. He mentioned that in his opinion he would rather put up with some pesticide than deal with the complications of some insects. Fact is mosquitoes have killed more people than anything else and remember Bubonic Plague it wasn’ t the rats it was the fleas on the rats. I saw a home several months ago that was in foreclosure and the pool was green with probably millions of mosquito larva. We must all be vigilant and we must use caution in our application of pesticides. If you use a pesticide please read the label and always use it in a manner consistent with its labeling.

So I guess the takeaway from this is – OK you’re going to love this. Call me whatever you want but call me 480-831-9328 ProBest Pest Management. ProBest also collects items for our military and sends out a few packages on our dime each month. So if your ever near our place or send it along with your technician.

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