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New Technology…

When a great product comes along I just have to share it with you. Today I’m going to discuss 2 new items. Everyone is talking GREEN these day and these two products are green.

This first product is generally used in restaurants, commercial building etc in the mop basin.It is a very simple device – it sits in the mop basin and filters out all the stuff from the floors. This prevents all that stuff from going into the grease trap/ grease interceptor and plumbing pipes. I heard recently that its about $250+ to have your pipes jetted/cleaned. 

The second device is AwaywithGeese – its a flash device that can be placed on water or land and basically interupts the sleeping pattern of the geese. Its affect on humans is like someone lighting a match but the geese get frustrated from no sleep and move on. The best part is that this light is solar, it recharges during the day and works at night. No more geese poo, OK maybe less. I love the sound of that.

Both of these products are available fromProBest 480-831-9328 shipping not included in price.

 The DrainSaver comes with 2 filters and is $59.50, 5 packs of filters are $19.75. It appears that the filters last about 7-10 days depending on what stuff goes into it. I’m doing some research into grease traps/interceptors and if you trap the foor stuffs before it gets to the trap you may be able to extend the pumping cycles.

The Awaywithgeese device is $359.00 for either the land or water solar light.

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