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DIY yourself and the many GREEN products, do they work?

DIY or Do It Yourself products and your ability to attack the unknown enemy – bugs. The article “Essential Oils fail at killing BedBugs” puts the light on those “natural products.


I have said it numerous times, those “GREEN” products might work at the moment they are sprayed but generally they don’t have a residual which is essential to the long-term effect of something like BedBugs. If you can see the bug it may work fine if you spray them directly but there is NO long term effect.


12_Bed Bug Nymphs

Bedbug nymphs by PPMA




Green Pest & Termite Solutions





GreenPro, is a stringent yet practical, sustainable, and eco-effective solution that has been tailored for today’s environmentally conscious consumer.  GreenPro’s integrated pest management (IPM) program will continue to emphasize a systems approach that focuses on long-term pest prevention/suppression coupled with minimal impact on human health, property, the environment, and non-target organisms.

Green Pest Management or Organic Pest Management – or IPM, how do you tell the difference? More details as these programs continue to roll out.

In the old days spraying homes was the norm, today people understand that continued use of poisons or pesticides in homes isn’t necessary. To be honest that isn’t what ProBest Pest Management is all about, we are not a spray and soak your home with chemicals company. We will identify and help you solve your pest problems. We truly believe in IPM and we practice what we preach. That is why we are members of PESP and GreenPro.

The trend of GREEN, what do I mean?


As Kermit the Frog has said numerous times “It ain’t easy being Green”. The trend over the last 10 years or more is to lean against the use of pesticides unless it is absolutely needed and I agree. Now with that said, I do believe that pesticides are needed. Numerous people die every year from diseases brought on by vectors like mosquitoes or fleas. Along with that number are the people that are stung or biten by things like scorpions, bees and spiders.

“Green Buildings” Have potential to improve health of low-income housing residents.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the protocol of using tools to stop the pests from gaining entry before using pesticides. It still allows the use of pesticides but after using those tools to keep them out. Examples of this include home-sealing, eliminating hiding spaces and rocks on your property and installing or updating garage or door thresholds/door sweeps.


I want you to spray inside my home… is it necessary?

Not always!

Rodents winning New York City rat race, but humans are fighting back.” I have to tell you I get a bit frustrated when I hear these remarks. If you have been ready this blog you know I’m a advocate for Integrated Pest Management or IPM but sometimes that takes into account the use of pesticides.

I’m constantly talking with people about inside and/or outside service, I switched many years ago to an outside service program. I spend just as much time on the outside as I did doing both inside/outside. There isn’t the need with a few exceptions of performing inside service.  So here is my approach:

  1. On calling the customer, they have an opportunity to tell me about any interior issues.
  2. Upon arrival for their service, I ask if they have any issues.
  3. I always walk around with a webber broom, gives me a chance to look the home over before I begin the service.
  4. I’m a technology minded service provider, I investigate and try the new products. This is often done in cooperation with the Pest Control Industry Manufacturers.
  5. Example: I went to a home a month ago, another company had been treating this home for German Roaches for 2 years and they still had them (they were spraying only). I used Avert dry bait as a crack & crevice product – this month the owner advised me that he had seen one about a week and a half ago but none lately. NOTE: this is what you pay me for – I know bugs and how to get rid of them…… Its about knowledge.
  6. There are a few occasions when you must use products inside homes, yes I know there are people out there that think there are do it yourself products or GREEN products that will rid your home of everything. In my opinion some work but many just won’t last long enough.
  7. Many schools are getting on the IPM program and if it good enough for our children and our schools why wouldn’t it be good enough for your home. Just think about this, every time you use a compressed sprayer within your home you are releasing a pesticide within your airspace – is that good? Just face the facts IPM is the way of the future.


We never talk about the “Good Bugs, why is that?


Most people don’t really care for bugs, but there are some good ones. What are they: Praying Mantis, Butterflies, Lady Bugs well you get the drift. On that note did you know there is a Butterfly Wonderland right here in Scottsdale just off the Hwy 101 in the east valley.


They also have exhibits on “Live Ant Colony and Honey Bee Extravaganza. Check them out and let’s be nice to the unsung hero’s of our gardens and flowers. Here is an interesting article “Learn to recognize the “good guys“.

46_Honey Bee

Photo by PPMA

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