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Bird Pest Control – Pigeons, guest blog Dublin, Ireland Pest Control

Bird Pest Control – Pigeons

Why would pigeon control be part of pest control?   By the definition of a pest – “A destructive insect or other animal that attacks crops, food, livestock, etc.” pigeons can cause destruction to both agriculture and buildings.

The feral (city pigeons) and wood pigeons cause two entirely different problems and have their own respective solutions.

Pigeons can be controlled in an entirely humane way where culling is unnecessary.   While shooting, poisoning and hawking pigeons have and are practiced to remove pigeons, there are other ways to go about it.

As a building owner, having pigeons defacing one’s building or property through it’s faeces can be a major problem which can be rapidly resolved.

Professional Pest Control  services should be called but pigeon control can also be dealt with by property owners themselves.

In fact the only pigeon control product that has been recognized and recommended by experts such as PICAS and RSPB are pigeon spikes – also known as ‘anti-roosting spikes’.   They can be easily installed and are available from a large variety of vendors.

Pigeon control spikes are available in many shapes and sizes; many off-the-shelf, purpose built spike combinations for sills, chimneys, roof-tops, columns and other exterior ledges where pigeons could roost.

Of course beware that if you spike one or two ledges where you currently have the problem; don’t be surprised if they move on to nearby sills.

Then there is, handling the root cause of why you have pigeons ‘hanging around’ your building – there is a nearby food source.   This is normally out of the building owner’s hands and is something the local authorities are responsible for.  A surprisingly simple solution of ‘it’s illegal to feed pigeons’ will force pigeons out of an area to find another food source.

Pigeon spikes are by far the most cost effective solution to eliminate pigeon problems.

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