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Poison – How safe is your family:

1st – Today July 1st, 2009 ProBest is starting a little award contest. Check our blog throughout the month and if you find your account number and call our office you win $35 (applied to your account balance). You must be a ProBest customer and confirm your account number with our office.You have 30 days from the posting to our blog to claim your prize $35 (applied to your account balance).

This months 3 account numbers are 01-0036796, 01-0034420 and 01-0036742 picked at random through our software schedule viewer.

2nd –  ProBest has some refrigerator magnets that are very handy for emergency numbers. Ask for yours today!

Medicines can be very dangerous if not handled properly.

  1. Keep all medicines is locked cabinets, out of the reach of children.
  2. Use child resistant tops.
  3. Never mix chemical products and household products together.
  4. Don’t evertake medicines that isn’t yours.
  5. Always read and follow label instructions.
  6. Vitamins and supplements can also be dangerous.
  7. Don’t trick children into thinking that the medicine is candy.
  8. Follow all instructions or speak with your doctor or pharmacist.
  9. Store all chemicals in there original containers out of the reach of children, don’t ever use food containers like milk or soda bottles
  10. If you are cleaning with an item and you answer the door take your child with you.
  11. Turn on fans or open windows when using chemicals or household cleaning products.
  12. Even at home put your cell phone in your pocket, if there is an emergency you can always call 911.
  13. Another great idea is to carry your keys with you in your home or back yard, if you have a car alarm, you might be able to draw attention to your plight.

Poison Control – 1-800-222-1222 or 911 and remember to remain calm, describe exactly what happened or what you think may have happened, the age of the person and what poison was involved. If you believe this incident to be life or death call 911 right away. If you are stung by a bee or wasp and you are allergic call 911 ASAP if your throat swells you may not be able to talk. By the way I’m not a Doctor/Physician so talk with your Doctor if you have concerns.


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