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Think you have bugs how about monitoring for them?


One of the techniques in learning what pests you might have at your home involves monitoring with glue boards.


By placing a few boards around the entrance to the garage may help you to identify what might be getting in. In this case we have some roaches and can quickly come up with a plan to stop them. Simple tools that may lead you to solving a pest problem.


Bed Bugs versus heat or steam.

Bed Bugs versus heat or steam.




Which works the best, heat or steam? Each has its place, in some cases depending on how much stuff is in the home heat works better. If the home is vacant steam is very effective and generally speaking less costly. So if you have bed bugs it is often advisable to isolate the issue, don’t move furniture or mattresses. You can also use trash bags and insert Nuvan strips inside to kill any bugs and eggs. A friend of mine – Invader Pest Management recently decided to go the way of heat for Bed Bugs and these pictures is how they do it. I also suggest  the Verifi™ monitoring or detection system to make sure the effort has worked or to decide if you have an issue or not. Link Back Link

 “To steam or not to steam” that is the question?

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