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Backyard Mosquito Control Methods Simplified. Guest Blog

For centuries, humans have been looking for the perfect solution to backyard mosquito control. This article will explore the wide gambit of backyard mosquito control options available today. With new advances in science, backyard mosquito control has never been easier and more effective. Protect your family from the dangers of disease-carrying mosquitoes with effective backyard mosquito control.

Backyard Mosquito Control Method #1: Removing Their Habitat

One common method of backyard mosquito control is removing places where mosquitoes live and breed. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, and they need very little water to thrive. Don’t overlook where small amounts of water can collect, such as potted plant trays, pet water bowls, flowerpots, tree holes, plastic covers, and toys. Other common mosquito breeding grounds include puddles, rain gutters, old tires, ponds, irrigation ditches, catch basins, birdbaths, fountains, and wading pools.

To discourage breeding, empty areas of standing water shortly after it rains. For those items that require water, such as birdbaths and wading pools, be sure to change water often, at least once a week. Swimming pools should be kept treated and circulating.

The major drawback of this form of backyard mosquito control is the effort required. Ensuring there is no standing water in your backyard can be difficult. Moreover, some standing water cannot be eliminated, such as nearby ponds and irrigation ditches. Even if you are diligent in this form of backyard mosquito control, your neighbors may not be, which means you’ll still have a mosquito problem. Backyard mosquito control by removing standing water alone is not highly effective. (Methods of Mosquito Control)

Backyard Mosquito Control Method #2: Limiting Your Exposure

This method of backyard mosquito control is based on keeping mosquitoes out of your house and properly covering yourself so you reduce the amount of bites you receive. When outside, wear long pants, shirts with long sleeves, and head nets. Stay inside when mosquitoes are most active, at dawn and dusk, and especially when there is a mosquito-borne disease warning in effect. Make sure your entire home is secure with “bug tight” door screens and windows. Yellow lights tend to attract mosquitoes less than ordinary lights, so replace outdoor lights with yellow “bug” lights.

Limiting your exposure is not a favorite form of backyard mosquito control because it restricts your time outdoors. Often, the best time to enjoy the outdoors is when mosquito activity is at its highest. (Methods of Mosquito Control)

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West Nile Update 9/8/2009

Statistics, Surveillance, and Control Surveillance Program | Guidelines | Case Definition |Case Count | Viremic Blood Donor Map | See Also 2009 West Nile Virus Activity in the United States (Reported to CDC as of September 8, 2009) 

 Map shows the distribution of avian, animal, or mosquito infection occurring during 2009 with number of human cases if any, by state. If West Nile virus infection is reported to CDC from any area of a state, that entire state is shaded.

New Technology… Mosquitoes

Skin Armour
OK this is amazing, finally a product that can aid against those darn mosquitoes.  Researchers in Australia and China teamed up to formulate natural mosquito protection that can be easily applied, is effective, long lasting & safe for people of all ages. And after 10 years of research they achieved their goal with the innovation known as Skin Armour Deep Woods Outdoor Soap.
Skin Armour Deep Woods Outdoor Soap contains an effective blend of natural oils helping to ensure an enjoyable experience when working or camping outdoors. It is also friendly to your skin because it does not contain harmful chemicals such as deet. I also suggest the use of our Bug Buttons and Bug Wristbands. The ingredients in the soap are as follows:
  • Lavendula – Used extensively in herbal medicine treatments to soothe and heal insect bites, as it has been proven to ward off mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Eucalyptus Oil – Extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus leaves (Native only to Australia), this oil has been used for centuries as an insect repellent. The oil contains formylated phloroglucinol compounds which inhibit mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Citronella Oil – This concentrated oil is derived from lemongrass and has been proven to be an effective repellent against mosquitoes.
  • Menthol – This is not your typical chemically obtained menthol but rather it is derived naturally from mint oils. It is used to prevent itching and inflammation.
  • Calendula – The extracts from the flower of this plant were proven to be not only effective at disrupting the actions of mosquitoes but are also an excellent skin healer. Used to treat redness and itching bug bites.

ProBest has this new soap and the bug buttons. Don’t forget about your pet/pets/dogs and cats. ProBest also has Mosquito Traps – they are lured in by a pheromone and cannot find their way back out. Stop by our office and visit. 425 W. Guadalupe Road #110, Gilbert, AZ 85233          480-831-9328



In Wake of Foreclosures, Mosquitoes Pose Serious Issues…

“The abandonment of pools due to foreclosure is important as mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. When pools are not maintained and/or properly treated, the potential for a significant mosquito infestation rapidly rises. Considering that the standing water that collects naturally in empty flower pots or bird baths provides a terrific opportunity for mosquito breeding, an abandoned swimming pool offers an even greater chance for a major pest infestation that can affect the homes adjacent to the foreclosed property.”

“Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance pest but also, a major health threat,” said Greg Baumann, senior scientist for the NPMA. “While associated with causing itchy welts, these pests can also transmit West Nile virus (WNV). In fact, the Center for Disease Control reported that WNV resulted in more than 1,300 human cases and 44 fatalities across the U.S. in 2008. Awareness of conducive conditions for mosquito breeding, especially in and around foreclosed homes, is the key to preventing potential mosquito infestations and limiting WNV in 2009.”

  1. Eliminate breeding sites – stagnate water,easier than swatting once they hatch and start biting
  2. Screens in good repair
  3. Keep doors closed
  4. When watering plants don’t allow water to build up in the tray
  5. Discard old tires and items that hold water
  6. Report green pools to your respective cities “Fight the Bite”
  7. Dense foilage & vines encourage mosquitoes

Ok there are a few things you can purchase to help:

  1. Maricopa County sells fish that just love mosquitoes
  2. ProBest store sells mosquito traps $5.99 and repellent bug button that you pin to your clothes and is a non pesticide item $.99 and $1.49 wristbands
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