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I don’t understand Pack Rats, do you?


So yesterday I mentioned that you needed to understand your enemy, often times I think I do and then this happens. See these pictures below, I just don’t understand why rodents like to gather cactus, I would think it would be harmful.

IMAG1135     IMAG1134

The “jumping cholla” name comes from the ease with which the stems detach when brushed, giving the impression that the stem jumped. Often the merest touch will leave a person with bits of cactus hanging on their clothes or imbedding itself into your skin or  to be discovered later when either sitting or leaning on them. The ground around a mature plant will often be covered with dead stems, and young plants are started from stems that have fallen from the adult. They attach themselves to desert animals and are dispersed for short distances. (Wikepedia)

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Interesting photo – ProBest Pest Management!

Interesting photo – ProBest Pest Management!


Merry Christmas!

Every once in awhile you run across something unique and the picture is worth a thousand words. This is one of those pictures.



Snakes shed their skin to grow and discard this skin by brushing up against something rough scratching the old skin into peeling. This was probably the case here with the architecture of this building, rough edges creating the ability to start the process of shedding.

Rodents will get in!!

Rodents will get in!!


Rodents will do their best to gain access into a structure and once in they will continue to nest and quite possible raise their young. As you will notice from the damage to this structure, the rodents have brought in food (seeds) and this is mixed with fecal material and other nasty things. The trouble is not only the animals but parasites and all the nasty urine and fecal materials that are being left behind. Notice that everyone was wearing breathing masks to prevent the possibility of breathing in any fungal spores or contaminated urine or feces dust.

What’s all the fuss? Firewood and pests.

What’s all the fuss? Firewood and pests.

I’m reminded from time to time about experience and why it matters. When does experience come into play and why would a customer benefit from experience and knowledge? I have over 20 years experience with bugs, termites and wildlife.  I have seen a lot of unique things in that span of 20 years! From damage to extensive damage and then way beyond damage.

Sometimes in these busy times people forget or have other more important issues on their minds. So maybe a few reminders are good for this time of year.

  1. Don’t store firewood next to your home.
  2. If you take firewood in this time of year, use it all – don’t store firewood inside, other pests may come out of the wood like PowderPost  Beetles.
  3. Wildlife & animals also live in wood, so be careful when handling the wood.
  4. Spiders etc may be hanging out in the woodpile, use gloves.
  5. Don’t spray firewood with pesticides, the fumes could get you.

Stay safe this season….


Have you ever heard of Chagas Disease?

Kissing Bugs, Assassin Bug, Coneose Bug, Triatoma or Wheelbugs these bugs have a nasty bite and a even nastiest-er reputation. A recent article from Austin, Texas “Chagas Disease May Be a Threat in South Texas, Says Researcherpoints out the bad points about this disease causing little bug. I ran across these pest in Florida on a few occasions, mainly when people had horses or cattle on their property. These bugs would accidentally get into a home and start to bite someone in that home, they prefer the cattle and horses but push goes to shove they will bite and suck blood from wherever they can. The reason they got that name Kissing Bug was due to their proclivity to bite near your mouth where they can get to the blood better. I actually think the bug itself looks quite stunning, see what you think and comment.


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