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My favorite bug in the news – “Kissing Bug”


“Kissing Bug” aka Triatoma, Assassin Bug, Cone-nose, Wheel Bug, or Ambush bug and sometimes called the Masked Bedbug Hunter “Arkansans spot the dangerous “kissing bug“. This bug is considered a predatory insect, it generally goes after other bugs and suck their fluids right out of their bodies. It gets that Kissing Bug name from the way they attack humans at night if they get into your home – they go to the area of our bodies that allow easier penetrations, like our mouth.

There are a variety of species (7000) and most look cool with their coloration but watch out for their piercing sucking rostrum. They live in the Southern States and Mexico. They transmit Chagas Disease with that painful bite wound where people accidentally scratch and introduce the organism into their bodies .

Best way to keep them out of your home:

  • Make sure screens are in place.
  • Don’t leave doors open.
  • Use door sweeps or correct low thresholds.
  • Home-seal and prevent them from sneaking in.
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Hey how did that Cicada Killer get in my home?








Cicada Killer – Wasp or Hornet? Wasp it is.


Large digger wasp (inch to inch and a half) and solitary in nature. Females look for cicadas and then dig a hole and lay one egg on that poor little cicada. That little larva eats the cicada and then pupates and finally in the Spring digs it’s way out and looks for a mate.

So probably just accidentally flew into a door which was open and then became trapped. I’ve heard that they seldom sting, the one in my office looked mad and if it was able to get out I think it would have gone after me. OK probably not but if able to release it would go on its way to find some more cicadas, helping with pest control.

So yesterday we talked about BIG bugs – what about Palo Verde bugs?


We have a fairly huge beetle (3-4 inches) here in Arizona called the Palo Verde bug – it is a long horned beetle (named because their antennas are long) and by all standards a good size bug. I can only imagine getting hit by one while riding your motorcycle. It would probably knock you pretty hard, maybe hurting your head or at the very least disorienting you and knocking you off the bike.

The larva are cream colored , typically with a brown head, and feed on the roots of trees, which causes branch dieback. In the wild the most commonly affected tree is the palo verde and just after monsoon the mature insects exit and look for mates. These adults don’t eat and essentially are only interested in mating.

So if you see one, don’t panic and be aware that within a few weeks the adults will die and come out once again during the next monsoon.

Man lights house on fire to kill spider


Sometimes you just have to wonder, OK I know some people (Nancy) don’t really care for spiders of any kind. “Firefighters: Man tries to kill spider, sets house on fire instead.”

Again I think the reporter missed the point on this one, did he get the spider? I think that is the important point here, what say you?

34_Wolf Spider

Old timer spray devices


My collection isn’t huge but it does contain some sprayers from years ago, some are quite interesting.







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