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A great explanation of IPM, what is IPM?

“An ecological approach to pest management that effectively manages pests in a way that minimizes adverse effects on people and the environment. IPM (integrated pest management) emphasizes an understanding of pest biology and behavior, and employs a number of different strategies designed to reduce the things pests need to survive and reproduce, including food, water, living space, and a way into the building.”

Purdue University’s IPM Technical Resource Center


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It’s not always about the Scorpions, how about visiting Arizona? Phoenix.

Phoenix is the capital, and largest city, within the state of Arizona. With 1.5 million people, Phoenix is the most populous state capital in the United States, as well as the sixth most populous city nationwide.

Phoenix is surrounded by many smaller little cities and each has a unique and quaint feeling such as Gilbert where my office is located. There are numerous day trip ideas and many are just plain fun in the sun.

Did you know this about Phoenix?

  1. There are lots of golf courses if you’re into that.
  2. There are more boats in Arizona than any other state.
  3. We have a botanical garden, science center and Japanese Friendship garden, art museums and lots of hiking trails with and without mountains.

So how about a visit?

Merry Christmas to one and all



Wishing everyone a Joyous, Festive and Merry Christmas.

Tricky BedBugs







Damn BedBugs, they are sneaky and will hide in any hole or crevice. Click on the picture and see if you can find the bedbugs in the hole. What should you look for if you think you have an infestation:

  1. Red or black spots on bedding material.
  2. Adult Bedbugs are the size of a apple seed, babies are much smaller and see through.
  3. Smell of iron (result of blood).
  4. Don’t just look at the bed check the cracked paint, wallpaper, any crevices in wood or holes in computer desk.

If you’re not sure, don’t waste time. The longer you wait the faster the problem can get out of hand. Check the following site for more information.

Right at my doorstep, 1st the VA in Phoenix now an Assisted Living facility.


I won’t rant and rave on how we got to this stage of problems “Arizona: State finds filth, Bed Bugs, and the Assisted Living Home exposed on ABC15

If I had parents in a nursing home I would say I would have to really think about some issues. Here is my list: I remember my Great Grandmother on a bed at my Grandparents home, back in those days people took care of their families. I will say that times are different, they lived on a farm and I really don’t recall any nursing homes available back then.

  1. Is the facility clean?
  2. How does staff seem to respond to issues.
  3. I would drop by various rooms just to check on cleanliness and hygiene.
  4. Ask other parties within the facility, people living there and visiting.
  5. Since I’m a bug guy I would look for signs and evidence.




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