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Did you know they have bugs in the Antarctic?


Ohio State scientists say tiny Antarctic insect has smallest genome of insects so far.” I have a friend that owns a pest control company in Alaska and does his fair share of pest control – by plane of course. That is to say that they often have to travel by plane just to reach the facility or what have you to service.


I have seen  midges especially in the summer just attacking anything that has warm blood. But these little midges spends 2 years in its larval stage frozen in the ice and amazingly can turn off 25% of its genes when it hibernates. WOW, is about all I can say.

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Is pest control necessary?


Every once in awhile somebody hits me with this statement, I can answer it with just a few short words:



and those other occasional pest like mosquitoes, flies and roaches….


The statistics are there if you want them. But as I have mentioned often, bugs have killed way more of us than anything else. As I have said numerous times you don’t always have to use pesticides. There are those that would say you never ever should use pesticides. There are times and a place for the use and sometimes it is just cost effective to do it plain and simple. IPM or Integrated Pest Management is the best way – it just makes you think about it in a way that makes complete sense. Use what you have by ways of home-sealing, door sweeps etc and if you must, then use some pesticide. (Always read and follow Labels, SDS and labeling use directions).

Recently the ticks have become unbelievable – sometimes just 100′s in a home. Just a few weeks ago Flagstaff had some issues at a camp -  “Tick-borne disease temporally closes Flagstaff’s Camp Colton“. Maybe they should consider Tick Boxes TCS

I know there are those that think some type of oil will kill everything, they just don’t last and seldom work as a true pesticide does. But again I realize that not everyone will agree but do you have some opinions or facts I’m not aware of?


Those termites just won’t give up, will they?



One thing I have noticed over my years is that those termites just keep on going, much like that Energizer Bunny. They are searching       24/7/365 and won’t stop until they find food, they may turn and go another way but they keep on going.


In nature they just set off in search of food, they follow roots and sometimes get to concrete and turn left or right and follow it again until they find wood or food.


So if you see trails like this, or mud tubes or down tubes hanging from a ceiling it is time to call your Pest Management Professional.


Call ProBest Pest Management at 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176 for your termite or pest inspection.

I had a water leak in my house, what do I do about my termite warranty?


Sometimes no matter what you do to protect yourself something bigger happens – like a water leak within the home. I came home a few years ago to find water coming out of the garage of one of my neighbors home. I knocked on their door and nobody answered, so I shut off the water at the meter box. The bathroom toilet fill line busted and was spraying water within the home .

The pictures below are not as serious, the water hose on the outside of the water developed a crack and during one of our notorious monsoons it finally burst. You will notice that the termite tube came right up behind that hose – was it an accident or did the termites do that on purpose? How about the river rock, did that allow termites further access?

My opinion: termites do like water and if a pipe is dripping I think this affords them opportunity. So if you have a leak within the home, call and seek advice.

probest20140806_075656_resized_2Don’t stack river rocks or small stone to the stucco, this hides the foundation and makes inspections difficult. Its impossible to see anything behind the meter box.

20140806_075701_resized_2I took away a few stones and you can now see the tiny little termite mud tube, just to the left of pipe.

probestpestmanagement20140806_075713_resized_2 A closer view of that sneaky little termite tunnels coming up the foundation of the home.

Are you protecting yourself against the summer biters?


Only 22% of people responding to a survey,  purchase products to protect themselves from annoying and biting insects, according to National Pest Management Association (NPMA). If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors I would suggest purchasing insect repellents to use as an aid in dealing with some real biters. There are some nasty bugs out there, let’s be safe.

One point I found useful about this article was this quote:

“When buying insect repellent always select one containing DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus or IR3535,” said Dr. Jorge Parada, medical advisor for the NPMA. “Vector-borne diseases are a growing concern in the U.S., so it is essential that we understand how to protect ourselves and recognize the signs and symptoms of these diseases.”



Photo by PPMA

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