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Some people are just amazing, aren’t they?


Some people are just plain out there, now I know what happens when someone really ticks you off and you want revenge. I believe in Karma, sometimes you just have to wait and see what happens but getting even doesn’t really help. Not that I know for sure about this. “Main Line Realtor fired for (Alleged) rodent dumping“. (Alleged) keep that in mind – I don’t suggest doing this, remember there are cameras everywhere.


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When you need a Professional Speaker on bugs, who do you call?


From the age of probably 15 I knew I didn’t have a problem speaking to any crowd. My first taste of this type of endeavor was a public speaking contest with The American Legion and my talk was about conservation. While only placing 3rd with the state, I thought I had done a pretty commendable job.

Really enjoying a topic as I do bugs, makes it easy and I can most of the time discuss just about any bug out there. If I don’t know the answer I can always find out and get back to the person asking. I had a chance to work for a Chemical Manufacturing company and had the opportunity to speak in many different countries about my knowledge of the bugs we encounter here in the State’s. My largest group was approximately 500 people.

This last week I spoke to a group on “Biting and Stinging Pest”  here in Arizona. We live with bugs everyday, I heard once that we are within 5 feet of a bug every minute of our lives. Scary isn’t it?

Are you a Realtor or Broker, how about a Property Manager and could you use some additional knowledge about insects? I think all of us could use a little more knowledge and should continue to learn until we check out. Do you know what to do if you encounter Africanized Honeybees or Bed Bugs?

Call ProBest Pest Management for an appointment 480-831-9328 or 623-414-0176.

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National Real Estate Trends

National Real Estate Trends 


So as the World turns, these are the days of our lives….  So I’m sure everybody has heard those words from the TV show and I’m sure none of us thought this economy was  going to be so terrible. This report explains the foreclosure forecast and I think it helps to give us some hope that things are on the mend –  National Real Estate Trends report.

I also recommend you follow my personal Realtor’s  blog Sandi Nilson Sells Arizona, this will allow you to stay ahead of the curve on the Arizona housing market. Also please check Realtor Matthew Coates blog @

It only takes – ONE!

Bed Bugs are what science fiction horror movies are all about, thank goodness they are not bigger. But I guess if they were bigger they would be easier to see. They are creepy, they suck blood while you are asleep and they are just plain ugly.It only takes – ONE. One Bed Bug, one neighbor stopping by for coffee, one apartment or condo neighbor, one child bringing home a backpack, one visit to a movie theater, one guest spending a weekend at your home, one stay at an infested motel – OK you get the picture.

Getting rid of the pest is a daunting endeavor. Labor intensive and meticulous methodical work often on your hands and knees.

Arizona has a new Bed Bug law –

If you are a Tenant, Property Manager, Apartment Manager or Realtor you should become familiar with this new law.

My Bug Man… by Realtor Sandi Nilson

ProBest Pest Management came by to do a quarterly treatment for bugs at my home. Because I have 2 little dogs, I prefer not to have chemicals applied inside the house. But last night I noticed an earwig in my bathroom  (which is on an exterior wall) this morning, so I asked Seth about it. He said he didn’t need to spray inside, and that spraying outside will prevent them from coming in under the stucco and over the sill from outside the house. It has always worked in the past….good to know the inside of my home isn’t needlessly being sprayed with chemicals!  For me, the quarterly treatment seems to be just right.

I want to thank Sandi for writting her blog about ProBest and we value her business. Check her out at and follow her on Twitter  at or call her at (602) 579-8899 – she a GREAT Realtor.

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