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Billy the Exterminator – Is he who you want representing the industry?

So have you seen this show “Billy The Exterminator”?  Have you seen the Isotech team in California “Verminator’s” show?  Boy are they different in so many ways!

  • Billy’s show is from Louisiana and Mike’s show is from California.
  • Billy’s company is called “Vexcon” and his brand is the skull and crossbones and he uses words like Vexations when there are infestations and Mike’s company is called “Isotech”
  • Billy wears studded black clothes, cowboy hat, black thin sun glasses, spikey hair and half gloves – Mike wears a uniform which always looks neat and pressed.
  • Billy doesn’t wear a bee suit, generally he wears a black trench coat and skull mask, while Mike and his team always wear bee suits on bee calls.
  • Billy often does some things that I believe are TV influenced, while Mike does everything by the book (the way I see it).
  • Billy wrestles alligators and snakes, Mike doesn’t like snakes but he will get right into it to help out his team.
  • Both Billy and Mike are dedicated to their Profession.
  • Both Billy and Mike seem to care about animals and the families that are dealing with issues.
  • Billy brings his family into the mix and not always in a  good light and Mike only works with his staff.
  • Billy really should read the labels and watch where he is spraying the product (my opinion), he uses Eugenol Oil, Mike and his team are always follows the MSDS labels.
  • Billy proudly displays his “Associate Certified Entomologist” badge and most of the staff at Isotech are certified in California.

A while back I wrote an article (link here) on what people may call me – Bugman, Pest Dude, Exterminator and I believe my quote was “I don’t care what they call me as long as they call me.” I think a gimmick is a great thing but I draw the line at safety and I also believe that the Label is the Law.  My concern is that by not properly wearing the right equipment you put yourself at risk. I also teach that to my employees, I don’t want anyone hurt. ProBest supplies bee suits because the bees here in Arizona can be nasty most of the time and the time to find that out is not after you have ticked the bees off.

A recent posting to Facebook by Frank Silver – Wed 10 Nov 12:02 via Facebook

“Went to a job today that was very interesting, had a woman tell me yesterday she could not take a day off of work to meet me at the house that I would have to meet her daughter instead, WELL I get there and she is there so I ask why, she said she did not want some guy like the one on TV showing up without her home……WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE????? ”

So here is the question – Does Billy represent the Pest Control industry in a good light? Is that the kind of company you want coming to your home or would you rather have the Verminator Team showing up to solve your pest problems?

I found these photo’s on a google search of Billy the Exterminator from and Verminator’s picture from

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