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One of my moments with history…


1910 – 2010 BSA 100th anniversary – this week at Fort AP Hill the Boy Scouts are hosting their 2010 Jamboree, my buddy Win is on staff. So to honor the 100th anniversary I thought I would take you back for a little glimpse into my 15 years of Scoutmaster to Troop 46.

As I was contemplating this article I was brought back to a chance meeting some 25 years ago. I was in the Scout Office in Orlando, Florida and was waiting to meet with the Scout Executive Ron Carroll who was on the phone trying to get out of entertaining someone who was coming into town. I finally figured out that it was William Hillcourt, now unless you were in Scouting that name probably means little to nothing but this name meant much to me. Bill Hillcourt authored the Boy Scout Handbook during my time in Scouting, was a regular contributor to Boy’s Life magazine and was commonly called “Green Bar Bill” a name he took from the sign of the Patrol Leader the Green Bars. This guy was Scouting, something that I had really enjoyed growing up. I couldn’t wait to interrupt Ron to say that I could take care of the entertainment of this fellow. I might mention that at the time I was a Scoutmaster of Troop 46 in Altamonte Springs, Florida and that without a doubt could handle this task, I had the resources like Don & Caroline Owens and of course Troop 46. I mean this guy actually knew the founder of the Boy Scouts – Robert Baden Powell. Bill was an inspiration (Brass Buckle Bart) to some and a very close friend for many years until his death in 1992. The sheet below tells about his origin – coming from Denmark to the United States, a group of Troop 46 scouts sat spellbound as he talked at Don and Caroline’s home.  I really appreciate all who helped with Troop 46 and if I had the space I would mention every name but you all know who you are and a BIG THANKS especially to Win Davis, Ray Bayard and all the parents. Here are a few links and here. Bill was truly the “Scoutmaster to the World”.


This takes me to my point, you never know exactly how and when your life may change. You may never expect an opportunity to knock but then it does. I have been very fortunate in my life with meeting the right people at the right time. In 1992 I got a job with Terminix and Jack Roselli taught me everything about the bug business. I met Rick Lewis with Terminix, later Rick would be instrumental in getting me my job with FMC, again a great bunch of folks. With that opportunity I had the chance to work with Paul Hardy and Frank Meek both with long and distinguished careers with Orkin. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some of the key researchers in the Pest Management industry, Dr. Brad Kard with Oklahoma State, Dr. Brian Forschler with University of Athens, Dr Paul Baker University of Arizona, Dr. Roger Gold Texas A & M,  Larry Pinto and Sandra Kraft (Ocotillo) and many more far to numerous to mention, no slight intended. I also had the chance to travel and explore the side of bugs I truly enjoy, the chance to figure them out and stop them. I now have the chance to meet new an exciting people by helping them address their pest problems. So be aware that at any time someone may walk into your life – probably for the better so “Be Prepared”.

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