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News from the field, sort of – Brother-in-law at Jacksonville, FL Zoo Pest Control

Reprinted from Bell Laboratories – The Bell Report Volume 28 Number 3 July-September 2009

My Brother-In-Law Steve Ussrey is the Pest Management Professional at the Jacksonville, FL Zoo. Zoo link Steve along with Dr. Nickolay Kasputin and Dr. Deno Ferri  oversee the Pest Management at the zoo. The zoo houses rare and unique animals and over 1000 exotic plants. As with almost any zoo there can be special and unique problems associated with the animals. Since these animals are kept in cages or outdoor habitats their food and water is available to other animals and pests. From rodents to drain flies its Steve ‘s  job to keep them out and that’s not an easy task. Steve has taken an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to this situation – the use of all your tools to prevent pests (taking up food that is not eaten immediately, removing harborages, investigating drains and rat snap traps versus rodenticides, and the use of new technology). Just as ProBest has switched to the newest bait (Terad) so has the Zoo, the advantages include low toxicity to birds, no secondary poisoning and will kill anti-coagulate resistant rodents.

Steve and I talk frequently I’ve helped him to put together a Powerpoint presentation for his colleagues at the zoo to understand the importance of IPM and the safety of all the animals under their care. We also share in new technologies – a new product surfaced a few months ago and the zoo is now using it in their drains which cuts down on the sludge that builds in the drains therefore reducing drain flies and other pests. Steve mentioned the new bait from Bell Labs and I’ve been on the search for a bait that wouldn’t melt at our Arizona temperatures. So far it’s not melting, some of our outdoor station are black and they sit on asphalt and boy they can get hot inside.

So the research goes on, I love to try new technology  – to me its a win win for everyone. See what works and sometimes what is in the best interest of all involved. Way to go Steve on getting published in the Bell Labs Report.  I enjoy new challenges and as I have said before I enjoy being a Public Health Professional. Remember mosquitoes have killed more humans than anything else – we must stay vigilant and be on the cutting edge of research when it comes to bugs.

Read the entire story here: Thanks to Bell Labs for this report.

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Bell Introduces Vitamin D3 Baits (for Rats and Mice)

Aug 19, 2009 PMP Buzz Online eNewsletter

MADISON, Wisc. — Organic farmers and pest management professionals (PMPs) alike now have a newly formulated bait to fight rodent infestations using the unique active ingredient: Vitamin D3.

The highly weatherable BLOX also incorporate an advanced preservation system, making the bait mold and moisture resistant. Its high melting point keeps the bait stable in temperatures as high as 200F. With BLOX, bait translocation is also reduced.

These Vitamin D3 baits kill anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice yet substantially reduce the risk of secondary poisoning. They also pose low toxicity to birds.

Read the entire story here:

ProBest has always been a leader in using new innovative technology, we have been on the lookout for a bait that didn’t melt at our extreme temperatures here in Arizona. By the time you put a bait blox into a black tamper resistant box on blacktop asphalt – it gets pretty hot inside. The other item is the secondary poisoning – we secure all of our bait stations to a paver stone, making it really heavy. Dogs usually will sniff around but are unable to get into the station and children can’t lift the station and all the bait is on metal rods set in place within the station.

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