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What do you look at while hiking?

2014-11-01 13.29.16



2014-11-01 13.29.45




Some of the coolest and most intriguing stuff out in nature is awfully small and I noticed this small little spider while hiking in New Mexico. I don’t kill everything I see when it comes to bugs, only if they get into your home do I take it personally.

My point is this, while in nature or the great outdoors everything has its place. So take a moment and get into nature and call us 480-831-9328 if you find the creepy crawlies in your home.

Brown Widow spider activity in the Valley


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This was a picture from my own neighborhood, thanks Monica and it is a Brown Widow Spider. Sometimes difficult to tell, but you can see some strange markings including that little hourglass. The colorings are different than that of Black Widow spiders, the color of the hourglass can be yellow or even orange and they may also have spots on their top sides. The one thing to note is that the egg sacks are spiky while those of the Black Widow are basically just round shaped.

Always take care working around you home, wear gloves and if bitten call Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

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Dr. Bug a man on a mission, speading facts about bugs and reptiles.

photo 55 photo photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5 photo 12 photo 22 photo 33

I want to thank Ms. Kelli and Mr. Mike and all the young adults for a great session at the Chandler Environmental Education Center. They came from the Extended Family Disability Services, LLC in Chandler, AZ and supplied me some pictures of our time together. I wanted to share these pictures, I had such a great time. Not everyone enjoyed the snakes but hopefully they learned something about the bugs and reptiles.

I made some new friends today and I hope we can get together again for some Bug Zoo type actvities.

Bug Zoo and guest



So today at the Bug Zoo at Chandler Environmental Education Center I had a rather well informed bug guy (parent). Not usual for me to have another expert on hand but I met Rubin and he has way more spiders and stuff than I do. Plus he and his child were wearing Tarantula t-shirts that were way cool.



Plus the fact that he took out the tarantula and played with it, something I have never done nor will do. See the fangs on this spider.


He also has stuff I don’t have so maybe we will be getting some new bugs for our zoo. He has some baby Domino Cockroaches and a WhipScorpion so stay tuned for more exciting news on the zoo update.

Oh and by the way –  The Phoenix Zoo announced today that they’ve acquired animals from the recently closed Las Vegas Zoo: two Patagonian cavies, two red-rumped agoutis and two Chinese alligators. The Zoo is one of multiple facilities offering assistance to provide for the animals from the Las Vegas Zoo.  Website is

What do you want to know by ProBest Pest Management!


The sense of smell of an ant is just as good as a dog’s is.

The skeleton of a spider is located on the outside of the body.

It would take about 1,200,000 mosquitoes to fully drain the average human body of blood.

One single bite by a Bullet ant is so painful that is compared to bullet; hence its name is bullet ant. It can make your time very bad, causing trembling, burning, perspiration, throbbing and sometimes paralysis that last about 24 hours. It lives in rainforests from Nicaragua to Amazon basin.

A baby cockroach can run side by side with its parents.


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