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I remember the good ole days and Earth Day update…

I remember the good ole days and Earth Day update…

So today is Earth Day, by the way ProBest will be at Chandler Environmental Center today 4pm – 7pm for an Earth Day celebration a day we are supposed to remember that we should be nice to Mother Earth! Now since we (ProBest Pest Management) spray chemicals daily you are probably thinking that I have lost my mind. So far from the truth say you –  Yoda (first reference ever to Star Wars in my blog). We try to practice each day some part of saving this place we live on – we recycle (City of Gilbert doesn’t or does, but won’t give us a bucket because someone might steal it), we recycle used cell phones and turn the money into a charity cause. ProBest is also very involved with PestWise EPA program as a Gold Member, we try to encourage people to home-seal and use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) daily to prevent unwarranted use of pesticides.

This article appeared in Business Day – “Insect Killers: Ignorance puts consumers in danger“. I remember the days when the product better smell or the customer thought we weren’t spraying anything. Sometimes those aerosols can contain various and not so healthy stuff. By the way you already know I don’t really like aerosols, not because they don’t work it’s that most often people people don’t understand how they work.

Please read and follow all label and MSDS directions.

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Effective Leadership – What Scouting Taught Me!

  Effective Leadership – What Scouting Taught Me!

I think leadership is something you are born with and is also something that you can cultivate and make better. As an Eagle Scout, former Woodbadge Scouter’s Key trained 15 year Scoutmaster I spent many a day planning, organizing and setting into motion events and training programs. Each and every day at ProBest Pest Management those same thoughts help me to plan and organize my day, month and year. I carry everyday my “Marketing and Planning book” because as the saying goes “He who fails to plan, plans to fail“. So what is my plan:

  1. I have a 1 year plan and 5 year plan!
  2. Marketing, advertising and planning are a day to day process.
  3. Try something and if it works continue, if it doesn’t try something else. With that being said you must track the marketing.
  4. To succeed everyone must understand the plan and be on-board to make it happen.
  5. Training is essential, there are 2 things that I never care about; #1 taking my employees to events with other pest industry technicians – some leaders worry that their technicians will be stolen by other companies. If they leave they weren’t that loyal to you anyway. weren’t that loyal to you anyway. #2 I require certain amounts of continuing education and encourage my employees to learn and yes even to the point of getting them certified as Qualifying Operators which means that they could leave and start their own business. Anything is a risk but if you treat your employees well, hopefully that will come back around (Karma).
  6. I encourage my employees to speak their minds but ultimately it still is my ship to steer.
  7. No one is perfect and the way you learn is by making mistakes.

Scouting builds character!

Dark Shadows (1966 versus 2012)

Dark Shadows (1966 versus 2012) My tribute to blood suckers not much different than Bed Bugs!

I’m really not a fan of movie remakes, they just don’t seem to be of the same caliber as the originals – here are just a few before I get to Dark Shadows.

The Day the Earth Stood Still – (1951) still my all time favorite movie and the version by Keano Reeves (2008) was OK,  just not as good as the original from my point of view. Black and white, Michael Rennie (Klaatu) was just cool and the robot (Gort) – terrifying, yes the 2008 version special effects were great but it just lacked the charisma of the original.

I am Legend a novel – I read it on a plane in 1971 on the way to the 13th World Scout Jamboree in Tokyo, Japan. This novel was later made into a movie “I Am Legend” (2007) with Will Smith – not technically a remake so nothing to relate it to except it didn’t follow the novel as well – I think they call that poetic license.

    OK – I was a huge, we are talking HUGE Dark Shadows fan,  Barnabus Collins – the vampire played by Jonathan Frid died April 13-14, 2012. I would race home from school and watch this show and it scared the absolute out of me, but I had to watch it. With all the talk these days about blood sucking Bed Bugs and the creepy bats to those places where spiders and evil lurk. So I’ll probably see the movie but I’m concerned this will more funny than a serious vampire movie – watch the preview. The movie is set to release May 11, 2012 and I’ll see you there


Technology continues to amaze me and the pest industry!

Technology continues to amaze me and the pest industry!


Spider venom to be tested for pesticide potential


The winner is – Mary Contreras – StateFarm

The winner is – Mary Contreras – StateFarm


I’ve known Mary since 2005 and she knows everybody, I learned this evening at this event that she has a Gold Rolodex (for those of you who don’t have a clue its like a pda or cell phone but it has paper in it – old school, its really just humor cause again she knows everybody).  Mary is just a fantastic person and each of you should take the opportunity to get to know her. Anyway here is a list of what Mary is involved with: sorry no voice…

Mary’s background and achievements

  • Committed to Energy Efficiency – Office uses Solar Power
  • Conducts Windshield Glass Clinics Annually, Oct & Mar
  • Free Counsel to your Teen Drivers, for their Safety
  • 2010 Director of Women of Scottsdale
  • Mother of Iraq War Veteran & Loves the Arts
  • Chandler Chamber Community Foundation Director
  • Chandler AZ Chamber of Commerce
  • National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisers
  • 2006 Tempe Diversity Award Recipient
  • Agent since 1994; State to State transfers & Business
  • 2009 Winner of the Alfred P Sloan Workplace Award
  • Million Dollar Round Table Member – MDRT
  • Tempe Chamber of Commerce
  • Women Council of Realtors Member Since 1996
  • Director of National Bank of Arizona Women’s Group
  • She’s also a member of my little networking group “A Network of Top Strategists” (ANTS)

Their mission is making you the HERO in all of your insurance choices. They have satisfied clients with long-term relationships. Their objective is to serve YOU with great rates, solutions and the most talented and professional team in the valley.

Oh and one last remark, just typical of Mary in accepting this award, she thanked her wonderful staff including her husband Gary, Shayla and Tania.

2145 E. Warner Road, Tempe, AZ 85284

(877) 967-8700

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