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Freaky nature show in New Orleans

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I have spent many days and many hours in New Orleans, LA working on and studing termites. Termite swarms occur at different times of the day generally on the east coast of the U.S. Subterranean termites generally swarm in eary afternoon, drywood termites usually in late afternoon and Formosan termites in the evening. As an avid bug guy, I have to say that I love swarms. Whether its a Harvestor ant swarm or honeybees, I love them all. It is kind of funny, but many years ago when some of the termite baits came to the market and then Termidor came – many people thought that the termites would just go away. Never happened and probably never will. As great as those products are – the bugs continue to win.
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Sabino Canyon, Tucson – 2001 Hike


One of the earliest trips I ever took with FMC was a FirstLine Termite Bait Conference in Tucson, AZ and a group of intrepid hikers came together for a rather famous excursion – let’s just call it the Ocotillo hike. Ocotillo for those who may not know are cactus with rather long spines (see picture).

It was a brutal hike – hot, not enough water and a few of us didn’t wear the appropriate equipment. I’m not going to mention names here but his initials are Larry Pinto (see the hush puppies).

Thanks to the group Rick Lewis (FMC) Jim Ballard (FMC) now with Ballard Consulting, Brad Kard (University of Oklahoma) Larry Pinto & Sandy Kraft (Pinto & Associates) Gary Cramer (FMC) now with the Peace Corps, Terry Porter formally FMC and Keith Birkemeyer (FMC) now ProBest Pest Management.

A BIG shout out to my hiking friends… Ocotillo

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