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Ahhhhh those termites are at it again……







Sometimes termites just pop up in the weirdest places, this is an apartment and I believe that the issue is the firewall – stemwall with a floating slab. I always suggest that if you find a crack in the concrete and your going to put down tile or wood, have a termite company drill it first then put the tile down.

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We Can Do That……. ProBest Pest Management & Services.

YES, We Can Do That……. ProBest Pest Management & Services.


Our Services include:(click on link to see more information)

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ProBest Pest Management has over 30 years of servicing homes across the Phoenix metro area. The owner is an Associate Certified Entomologist and regularly identifies bugs for customers, clients and has spoken to groups around the world on bug and termite issues. The owner has worked for a Chemical Manafacturer as a Technical Specialist and has done numerous research protocols for various manufacturers including Bayer, FMC, and BASF.

Our Services include:(click on link to see more information)

ProBest Services…

Our Services include: (click on link to see more information)

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Our Services include:

  • Residential & Commercial Pest Control
  • Pigeon & Bird Exclusion
  • One Time Pest Treatment
  • Bee Service & Honeycomb Removal
  • Termite Inspections (WDIIR)
  • Solar Attic Fans
  • Eco-Friendly Services
  • Termite Pretreatments
  • Termite Treatments
  • Handyman Services
  • Contract Post Office

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